Can an Insurance Company Deny a Claim?

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Can an insurance company deny a claim?

can insurance company deny claim: If you get into a car crash in Los Angeles and it’s partly someone else’s fault, you might end up dealing with high medical bills, fixing your damaged stuff, and maybe even losing some money because you can’t work as usual. It seems like getting money from the other person’s insurance should be easy, but sadly, it’s not always that simple.

Insurance companies don’t want to give you the money you should get after an accident. They try hard to stop or reduce the amount they pay you, and some may say no to your valid claim.

Think about why insurance companies often say no to claims. Knowing this can be really useful as you fight for the money that’s rightfully yours. If you need extra help, reach out to Citywide Law Group’s personal injury lawyers today. We’ve been helping accident victims for over 20 years, and we’re here to make sure you get the money you deserve.

Issues with the Coverage or Insurance Policy

Insurance companies will closely examine the insurance policy of the person responsible for your accident or injury. They might say no to covering your costs if there’s a problem with that policy.

No Valid Coverage Exists

If you get hurt in a little store in Los Angeles and the owner promises to give you their insurance details, it’s not a guarantee that the insurance will actually cover your accident. When you reach out to the insurance company, they might not find any record of a policy for that specific store. It happens because the owner didn’t update their insurance when they opened a new store. So sadly, there’s no coverage, and the insurance company can say no to your claim. It’s a tough situation when things don’t work out the way you hope, especially when you’re dealing with injuries.

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Damage Excluded From Coverage

Insurance companies will look closely at your request for help to figure out why you got hurt. Every insurance plan has a list of things it won’t pay for. If the insurance company sees that your injuries are because of something on that list, they’ll say no to your claim. Some things on the list are stuff like on-purpose vandalism or damage from storms. It’s important to know what’s not covered so you’re not surprised later.

Driver Exclusions

All vehicles registered in the state of California must be covered by a valid insurance policy. However, a valid insurance policy doesn’t necessarily mean that all drivers of a particular vehicle will be covered.

In fact, it’s fairly common for insurance policies to contain driver exclusion clauses. This simply means that a legitimate policy exists but that certain drivers are not covered. So, an insurer can reserve the right to deny your claim if your injuries were caused by a driver who’s not covered by the policy.

Disputes Over Liability and Fault

Insurance companies may try to find excuses to reject a personal injury claim. Sometimes, they say no not because of the coverage but because of the details of the accident. It can be frustrating when that happens.

The Extent of Your Injuries Is Disputed

If the insurance company thinks you’re making your injuries sound worse than they are, they might reject your claim. For instance, they might not believe you got a spinal cord injury from a small car crash. To make sure you get compensated, share detailed information, like medical reports. Show clear proof that all your injuries came from the accident. It’s crucial to be thorough and direct about it. Your story and evidence matter!

Lack of Evidence To Establish Fault

If there’s a disagreement about who’s at fault, insurance claims can get rejected. They’ll only agree to pay if there’s strong proof that their customer caused your injuries. But if there’s any hint that their customer isn’t to blame, they’ll say no to your claim. It can be really frustrating when that happens.

If there’s proof that you’re not completely at fault for an accident, your claim might get denied. In California, even if you played a part in the accident, you could still be held responsible for the injuries. The insurance folks will look into your accident closely to figure out if you or someone else shares the blame. If they find evidence that more than one person is responsible, they’ll probably say no to your claim for benefits. It’s tough, but that’s how it goes.

Bad Faith Practices

Insurance is there to help you when you’re hurt in an accident. But for it to work, both you and the insurance company need to do your part. If you buy coverage and pay on time, the company must honestly look at any claims you make. Sadly, some insurers break the rules and unfairly reject claims.

Failure to File a Timely Claim

It’s really crucial to act fast and reach out to your insurance company right after your accident. Most companies set a strict time limit for filing a personal injury claim, usually within a “reasonable” period after the accident.

Some companies have clear rules for what they consider reasonable, while others don’t. If the company thinks you didn’t file your claim in time, they might reject it. This could be a tactic to unfairly stop you from getting the compensation you deserve for a valid claim. So, act quickly, and don’t let them use these tactics against you!

You’re Not Represented By an Attorney

Insurance companies can try to take advantage of you if you don’t have a lawyer. They might think you don’t know your rights and use that against you. They could delay your claim or make it hard for you to talk to someone.

These tactics are meant to make you give in to money problems and accept a low offer. To make sure your claim is treated right, hire a lawyer to handle it. That way, you can protect yourself and get the attention your claim deserves.

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