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Best Commercial Auto Insurance Companies

There are a lot of different Best car insurance companies to look at and in general, across the US we’ll go through the most popular car insurance companies and explain a bit about why they’re popular and whether they’re a good fit for you.

The biggest thing you have to keep in mind is that they are not always suitable for everyone, insurance companies are looking for what we call a profile, and within that profile, there are different risk settings.

Sometimes it’s just the area if you’re in an area they have a lot of claims that the price is going to be higher, so you might think they hate you and you’re the end of the world, but it doesn’t mean They have a lot of claims in that area, it doesn’t have to be you.

The second part is what’s your insurance score, what kind of car do you have, is it a Kia that’s being stolen from our place right now? Well, all these pieces make up the value factor and unfortunately, some of the pieces won’t be a good fit with you no matter which company you go to.

Let’s also discuss rate increases since this article was created. Some of these companies have low prices so it’s worth taking a look and seeing if these are a fit for you, let’s get started with Best Car Insurance Companies.

Taazafacts Advisor studied car insurance companies all over the country and concluded that Nationwide is the best overall. Erie, Travelers, and USAA also performed well in specific areas. We looked at factors like costs, coverage options, claims processes, and complaints to determine the top car insurance companies.

Here are the top car insurance companies for January 2024, according to Taazafacts Advisor:

  • Nationwide is the best overall.
  • Erie is the best for fixing collision damage.
  • Travelers are great if you have a speeding ticket.
  • USAA is the best for military members and veterans.
  • Progressive is the best if you have a DUI.
  • Auto-Owners is the best for new cars.
  • Geico is great if you have poor credit.
  • Westfield is the best for family discounts.

Take a closer look at the Best Car Insurance Companies

We looked into it and found that Erie, Nationwide, Travelers, and USAA are the top car insurance companies, getting 5 out of 5 stars in our ratings. USAA is only for military members, veterans, and their families.

To find the right car insurance for you, consider your driving history, where you live, and other personal details. Compare quotes from different companies to find the one that offers the best deal for your specific situation.

Nationwide is the best overall

Nationwide has the cheapest car insurance rates overall, whether you’re a safe driver or have a few traffic violations. They also offer reasonable rates for drivers with bad credit.

If you’re looking for affordable coverage, Nationwide is a good choice, even if you’re comparing different insurance options. (USAA is cheaper, but you can only join if you have a military connection.)

Nationwide Average Annual Car Insurance Costs

Driving RecordFull Coverage Cost
Good drivers$1,436
Drivers with a speeding ticket$1,878
Drivers with a DUI conviction$3,083
Drivers who caused an accident with injury$2,337
Drivers with poor credit$2,051

Erie is the Best for Fixing Collision Damage

Erie got the best rating (A-) from collision repair experts in our study. This means that collision repair shops can tell which insurance companies take shortcuts and which ones make the claims process easy by looking at their experiences.

Erie Average Annual Car Insurance Costs

Driving RecordFull Coverage Cost
Good drivers$1,641
Drivers with a speeding ticket$1,887
Drivers with a DUI conviction$2,664
Drivers who caused an accident with injury$2,224
Drivers with poor credit$3,702

Travelers are great if you have a speeding ticket

Travelers provide affordable car insurance for people who have received speeding tickets. If you get a speeding ticket, your insurance rates may go up for three to five years, depending on where you live and your insurance company.

Erie and Nationwide also offer inexpensive rates for drivers with speeding tickets, so consider them when looking for car insurance quotes. Additionally, USAA has low rates for military members and veterans with speeding tickets on their records.

Travelers Average Annual Car Insurance Costs

Driving RecordFull Coverage Cost
Good drivers$1,521
Drivers with a speeding ticket$2,062
Drivers with a DUI conviction$2,610
Drivers who caused an accident with injury$2,293
Drivers with poor credit$2,699

USAA is the best for military members and veterans

USAA is still the top choice for military members when it comes to car insurance because it offers good rates and different coverage choices. Although there have been more complaints about USAA auto insurance recently, its current complaint level is slightly below the industry average.

USAA Average Annual Car Insurance Costs

Driving RecordFull Coverage Cost
Good drivers$1,364
Drivers with a speeding ticket$1,661
Drivers with a DUI conviction$2,604
Drivers who caused an accident with injury$1,958
Drivers with poor credit$2,450

Progressive is the best if you have a DUI

If you get a DUI, your car insurance rates will likely go up. However, Progressive has the best prices for drivers with DUIs compared to other companies we checked across the country.

When you ask for a new insurance quote or renew your policy, insurance companies usually look at your driving record. If you have a DUI, it can make your insurance more expensive.

Progressive Average Annual Car Insurance Costs

Driving RecordFull Coverage Cost
Good drivers$1,826
Drivers with a speeding ticket$2,350
Drivers with a DUI conviction$2,307
Drivers who caused an accident with injury$2,770
Drivers with poor credit$3,221

Auto-Owners is the best for new cars

Auto-Owners provides great insurance options for new car owners. Gap insurance is useful when you owe more on your car loan than your car is worth. If your car is wrecked, gap insurance covers the difference between what your regular car insurance pays (the car’s actual value) and what you still owe, minus your deductible.

Auto owners also offer two other coverages: “purchase price guarantee” and “total loss to a new automobile.” If you’re the first owner of your car, the purchase price guarantee coverage gives you the original purchase price if your car is totaled in the first two years. Total loss to a new automobile coverage either replaces your car with a new one of the same value or pays you the original purchase price if the total loss happens within 90 days of buying the car.

Auto-Owners Average Annual Car Insurance Costs

Driving RecordFull Coverage Cost
Good drivers$1,855
Drivers with a speeding ticket$2,457
Drivers with a DUI conviction$3,578
Drivers who caused an accident with injury$2,539
Drivers with poor credit$5,407

Geico is great if you have poor credit

Geico has lower prices for drivers with bad credit compared to most other companies we looked at. It’s a good idea to get quotes from Geico if you have poor credit, as many other insurance companies charge higher rates just because of bad credit.

Additionally, Geico offers competitive prices for various types of drivers, including good drivers, those with tickets or accidents on their records, parents adding a teen to their policies, and senior drivers.

Geico Average Annual Car Insurance Costs

Driving RecordFull Coverage Cost
Good drivers$1,597
Drivers with a speeding ticket$2,150
Drivers with a DUI conviction$3,723
Drivers who caused an accident with injury$2,748
Drivers with poor credit$2,482

Westfield is the best for family discounts

Westfield offers affordable car insurance rates and various discounts. Families can save money on car insurance through Westfield’s family discount, available for drivers aged 18 or younger who have been Westfield customers for at least three years and have multiple policies with Westfield, such as auto and home insurance.

There’s also a next-generation discount for children (ages 22 to 29) of Westfield policyholders buying their first car insurance policy.

Additionally, Westfield provides a companion car insurance discount for non-blood relatives living in the same household as a Westfield policyholder, who purchase their auto policy with Westfield.

Westfield Average Annual Car Insurance Costs

Driving RecordFull Coverage Cost
Good drivers$1,984
Drivers with a speeding ticket$2,335
Drivers with a DUI conviction$4,577
Drivers who caused an accident with injury$2,901
Drivers with poor credit$3,403

How to Find the Best Car Insurance Companies?

To get the right car insurance, first, understand what coverage you need. Then, check our list of top car insurance companies and use these tips to find the best option for you.

  • Choose the types of car insurance coverage you need. This helps you compare the same coverage from different companies and find the best price. Only buy the coverages you need to save money on auto insurance.
  • Compare prices from various car insurance companies to find the best one for you. Each company considers factors like your age, driving experience, and vehicle differently, so shopping around helps you get the best deal.
  • Look at both big and small insurance companies. Don’t just focus on well-known brands; smaller regional companies might offer competitive rates or extra discounts.
  • Feel confident in your decision. Once you’ve explored coverage options and prices, you can buy a car insurance policy knowing you made a good choice.
  • Review your insurance regularly, especially when your situation changes. Car insurance isn’t something you can set and forget. Shopping around periodically, especially when you have changes like adding a driver or buying a new car, ensures you’re still getting the best deal. The insurer that was cheap a few years ago might not be the best option now.

How To Find the Best Price on Car Insurance?

Understanding what influences car insurance costs, like your credit score, can help you discover ways to save money. Here are simple ways to find affordable car insurance.

Shop Around

To get the cheapest car insurance, check quotes from at least three companies with the same coverage. Prices can differ a lot, so looking around helps you save the most money.

Choose a Higher Deductible

If you have collision and comprehensive coverage, picking a higher deductible for your car insurance can also help reduce your insurance cost. Keep in mind that liability insurance doesn’t have a deductible.


You may get discounts on your car insurance without asking, like if you pay the full amount at once. However, sometimes the insurance company might not know you qualify for a discount, so it’s a good idea to inquire. For instance, if your high school or college-age driver gets good grades, ask about a discount for good students.

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