Bangladesh’s Shakib Al Hasan Entered Politics

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Bangladesh's Shakib Al Hasan Entered Politics

Shakib Al Hasan Entered Politics – Cricketers in Politics: A Trend in South Asia In the world of sports, we often witness players striving for excellence and leaving no stone unturned to etch their name in the history books. However, there is a growing trend of cricketers entering the world of politics, especially in South Asia. Let’s explore why this trend is gaining popularity and what it means for the players and the political landscape.

Shakib Al Hasan: The Latest Entrant

Former Bangladesh cricket captain Shakib Al Hasan has recently thrown his hat in the ring for the upcoming parliamentary elections in the country. He will be contesting as a candidate for the ruling party, Awami League, from his home district, which is roughly 175 km away from the capital Dhaka. Shakib’s decision to enter politics is intriguing, considering his controversial past and on-field behavior.

Shakib’s Controversial Persona

Shakib has often made headlines for the wrong reasons, with his temper and behavior being problematic. His misdemeanors are well-known, from breaking the stumps in frustration to getting banned for not disclosing corrupt conduct. However, despite his flaws, Shakib is a popular and impactful player, both for Bangladesh and the franchises he has played for globally.

Bangladesh's Shakib Al Hasan Entered Politics
Bangladesh’s Shakib Al Hasan Entered Politics

Cricket and Politics: A Connection

Shakib is not the first cricketer to enter politics. Many players, such as Mashrafe Mortaza, Mansur Ali Khan Pataudi, Gautam Gambhir, and Imran Khan, have either contested elections or become lawmakers after retiring from the sport. However, what sets Shakib apart is that he is still an active player and wants to challenge the notion that politics can only be pursued after retirement.

Why Do Cricketers Enter Politics?

For cricketers, entering politics allows them to elongate their careers in the public eye and leverage their fame and identity. It also helps them stay connected with the masses. On the other hand, political parties field former cricketers as candidates to capitalize on their popularity and increase their chances of coming to power. However, public perception plays a crucial role in determining the success of cricketers-turned-politicians.

Imran Khan: A Success Story Imran Khan, the World Cup-winning captain from Pakistan, is one of the few cricketers who have tasted success in politics and cricket. He formed his political party, Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf, and became Pakistan’s Prime Minister in 2018. However, his political journey has not been without challenges and controversies.

A Career in Politics: Similar to Sport

Like in sports, a career in politics comes with its challenges. Politicians must be ready for both praises and brickbats, as well as the ups and downs that come with it. While in sports, players can attribute their performance to being part of the game, politics requires a deeper understanding and strategic decision-making.

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