Yardi Systems Establishes College of Business Scholarship

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Yardi Scholarship inaugural recipients Tajeira Thomas and Salvatore Ippolito (center) with Yardi regional recruiters Ashley Salmon (left) and Spencer Bryant (right).

Property management software company Yardi Systems is investing in the future of Stony Brook University College of Business students through its scholarship program.

The scholarship will support a total of eight College of Business students over the next four years, creating a Yardi Scholar Cohort at Stony Brook. The four-year scholarships will support each student throughout their undergraduate career at Stony Brook.

Stony Brook University is among 28 colleges and universities for the 2024-25 school year that Yardi is partnering with to increase students’ academic successes, retention rates and graduation rates. According to Yardi, the scholarships are designed for first-generation college students who are studying business, accounting or computer science.

“Yardi recognizes that a college degree can be life-changing, especially for first-generation scholars, and we are excited to support College of Business students at Stony Brook and help them achieve their goals,” said Jay Shobe, Yardi’s senior vice president.

Yardi representatives have met with the two inaugural recipients, Tajeira Thomas and Salvatore Ippolito, on campus. Both students said it is an honor to have the support of Yardi as they navigate their academic careers at Stony Brook. “The scholarship has allowed me to focus on my studies and has alleviated the stress of worrying about paying for college,” said Thomas, who is studying business management with a minor in accounting.

Ippolito, who is also studying business management, with a potential focus on finance or operations management, echoes the sentiments of Thomas. “I was extremely humbled when I was awarded the Yardi scholarship,” he said. “It gave me the confidence to step outside of my comfort zone and explore new opportunities on campus with the College of Business and the University Scholars Program.”

“I’m thrilled that Yardi Systems has chosen to support a cohort of scholars in the College of Business,” said the college’s dean, Haresh Gurnani, PhD. “These investments in our students allow us to provide an accessible business education that prepares and equips the future business leaders of New York and beyond while increasing our social impact.”

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