Top 5 High-Income Skills In Tech In 2024, According To Indeed

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Top 5 High-Income Skills: Many employers are now focusing on hiring people based on their skills rather than just where they went to school.

Even big companies like LinkedIn, Google, and IBM are doing this, which helps them get a more diverse group of talented people. However, there’s still a problem because there aren’t enough people with the right skills for all the jobs available.

Many employers are now focusing on hiring based on skills rather than other factors, and they are speaking up about wanting candidates with skills and experience that can be used in different jobs. But what specific skills are they looking for the most?

The Top 5 In-Demand Tech Skills, a website for finding jobs, shared a list of the top 10 skills that pay the most in the technology field. These skills are associated with some of the highest salaries advertised on the website.

If you’re already in the tech field or want to switch into it, check out these five skills below to help you plan your career move this year. Even if you’re not in tech, some of these skills could still make you stand out as a professional or leader in your field.

1. Generative AI

Yes, you’re correct! Generative AI is one of the top-paying tech skills listed on Indeed. Some related skills are quick engineering, ChatGPT, Midjourney, tuning models, making AI content, and data analytics. Having this skill can increase your salary by around 47%, according to Indeed’s research.

2. SoC

SoC stands for “system-on-chip,” which is a tiny computer system packed into a single chip. According to the report, companies like Arm offer helpful learning materials on GitHub to teach you the basics of this technical skill. People who have mastered this skill can earn up to $175,000 a year.

3. Deep Learning

Deep learning is a key part of artificial intelligence and a type of machine learning. It’s named for its layers in the network, where it learns complex patterns from simpler ones below. Having this skill can boost your salary by up to 44%, and demand will keep growing as AI advances. So, it’s worth thinking about learning it to expand your skills.

4. Torch and PyTorch

Do you notice a pattern? Here’s another skill related to artificial intelligence. In simpler terms, Indeed says, “Torch is a tool for machine learning, scientific computing, and scripting.” PyTorch, a part of this, is used for understanding human language in NLP (natural language processing). If you learn Torch, you might earn 43% more money.

5. Computer Vision

Another valuable skill in the tech industry that pays well is computer vision. This skill is closely connected to artificial intelligence. It’s about teaching computers to recognize and understand things like objects and people in pictures and videos. Like other forms of AI, computer vision aims to do tasks automatically that humans can do. Microsoft explains this.

Computer vision helps an app understand the real world, find useful details, and make choices based on them. An example is facial recognition on your phone. You can learn about computer vision from places like Stanford Online. Having this skill might boost your salary by up to 40%.

As the job market changes, you need to adapt too. Make sure your career is ready for the future by learning these five important technical skills and keeping yourself updated. Just remember, the more you learn, the more you can earn.

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