Top 3 Cryptos to Buy In November (AI Edition)

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Top 3 Cryptos to Buy In November (AI Edition)

Top 3 AI Cryptos to Buy in November 2023 Welcome back to the Taaza Facts! In this blog, I’ll share my top three cryptocurrencies to buy in November 2023. This month, we will be focusing on AI cryptos. November and December are notable for the concentration of AI conferences, which will bring a lot of announcements and highlight the growing interest in the world of AI. The leading AI-focused altcoins are also anticipated to seize this opportunity and announce their latest updates. Therefore, another wave of AI crypto hype will come in November.

Recap of Top 3 Cryptos for October

Let’s do a quick recap of the top three cryptocurrencies we covered for October:

DYDX: The DYDX V4 upgrade has gone live, bringing major revenue sharing to the tokenomics. The price has experienced a major rally, and while I am still holding my position, I plan to exit fully before December due to a significant token unlock.

Robit: I bought a lot of Robit on the last dip, which has revisited its all-time high. This position is now a long-term hold for me as the Robic casino continues to do well.

Radiant Capital: This project has not moved much and has underperformed Bitcoin. However, the two catalyst events I was waiting for have happened, and I plan to exit in the first week of November.

The Biggest Crypto Narrative to Watch for November: AI

The biggest crypto narrative to watch for November is AI. There are several reasons why AI is making a major comeback:

  • Upcoming Open AI Developer Conference: Open AI’s first-ever conference is anticipated to bring new hype to the AI market. Discussions and excitement surrounding AI technologies and capabilities will likely occur, and AI crypto projects may try to copy and integrate some of Open AI’s latest features.
  • AI Conferences in the Last Two Months of 2023: The last two months of 2023 are packed with AI conferences as Web 2 AI companies announce their major updates. The AI crypto altcoin community is also expected to catch on to this wave and make their own announcements.
  • AI Crypto Sector Performance: The AI crypto sector has been leading the market in this altcoin rally, with a 7-day performance of 20%. It currently has the biggest market cap among sectors.

Top Picks in the AI Crypto Sector for November

Now, let’s get into my top three picks in the AI crypto sector for November:

1- Bit Tensor (TA): Bit Tensor is a decentralized network of AI models that use its native token, TA, to incentivize new models to come on the platform. It enables small teams to deploy their AI models and allows global access. The project has been trending and has a strong community. Retail adoption is also increasing, and the branding and technology are impressive. However, the tokenomics are based on Bitcoin, which I do not currently enjoy.

Top 3 Cryptos to Buy In November (AI Edition)
Top 3 Cryptos to Buy In November (AI Edition)

Top 3 Altcoin Picks in November: AI Sector

In this article, I will discuss my top three altcoin picks in the AI sector for the month of November. AI (artificial intelligence) is gaining popularity again, and I believe that AI coins will perform well in the upcoming months. Here are my top picks:

1- Fetch AI

Fetch AI is a well-known AI coin that I believe will attract much attention as the AI narrative gains momentum. The chart for Fetch AI shows a clear entry target of around 30 cents, indicated by the intersection of the neckline and the diagonal resistance turned support. This presents a clear trade opportunity for this coin in the AI narrative.

2- Ocean Protocol

Ocean Protocol is often grouped into the AI coins narrative, although it has little to do with AI. However, based on how crypto narratives work, I believe Ocean Protocol will still perform well when other AI coins start running. The chart for Ocean Protocol shows a breakout from diagonal resistance, indicating a potential retest at the previous resistance turned support around 35 cents.

3- Render

Render is a project that I have previously covered in our original AI crypto video. Initially, I mistakenly grouped Render in the AI category, but I have since retracted that claim. Render is actually the number one decentralized GPU rendering platform and AI training platform. As the demand for GPUs in AI model training increases, Render’s potential also grows. The upcoming catalyst events for Render include the release of their 2.0 roadmap at the Solana Breakpoint Conference and their integration with the world’s largest GPU decentralized physical infrastructure project, Render also has the potential to be integrated with the spatial web and Apple’s Vision Pro project, which could further boost its long-term prospects.

In terms of price, Render has already had a major rally in the last two months. I am waiting for the Salana Breakpoint announcement and the short-term hype to fizzle out before entering a position. My buying range for Render is around $220, with a first take-profit target at the previous highs made this summer around $2.70. I believe Render has good potential as a long-term hold, especially in the AI sector.

Overall, I believe November is the time to pay attention to the AI sector, especially with the Open AI Developer Conference taking place. AI altcoins in the crypto space are likely to benefit from the increased interest in AI. Personally, I will be focusing heavily on AI altcoins for the month of November.

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Q: What is the current supply of Benser tokens?
A: There are currently only 5.5 million tokens circulating out of the maximum supply of 21 million for Benser.

Q: When will the supply of Benser tokens grow?
A: The supply of Benser tokens will grow at the next halving event in September 2025, almost doubling in the next two years.

Q: What are the current applications on the Benser network?
A: The current applications on the Benser network include a chatbot for Discord and Twitter, a chat GPT clone, and a reply bot for Twitter.

Q: Why is Singularity Net considered a competitor to Benser?
A: Singularity Net is considered a competitor to Benser because it also focuses on AI models, but Benser targets next-gen AI models and applications.

Q: What is the main thesis behind investing in Akash Network?
A: The main thesis behind investing in Akash Network is its GPU cloud targeted at AI, and the project has gained traction with the recent launch of Akash Supercloud 4 AI.

Q: What is Fetch AI?
A: Fetch AI is a platform that integrates AI into existing Web 2 applications and is expected to benefit from the AI narrative.

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