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Top 10 Moral Stories in English: Moral stories encourage us to have positive thinking in life and stories are also the best medium of education. If we talk about small children, whose minds are like blank pages, then they can be made better human beings by telling them moral stories.

We all know that education is important for life but more important than education is morality which shows humanity. By reading different types of stories we can learn some great lessons for life from them.

So today I have prepared this post for you through Best Long Moral Story in English and I hope you will like it. These stories add color to your life and help your thinking to a great extent, but these stories must be told to children.

10 English Moral Stories – Top 10 Moral Stories in English

Today I have written Panchatantra short stories in English with morals to introduce children to excellent stories. It is hoped that you will enjoy reading these Top 10 English Moral Stories and you will take good inspiration from these stories and follow them in your life. so let’s read

Story of the Elephant and the Tailor

Once upon a time. In a village, an elephant used to go to the village pond every day to take a bath. He would return after taking a dip in the pond. There was a tailor shop on the way.

The elephant used to stop at that tailor’s shop every day while returning from the pond. The tailor used to feed him a banana every day. The elephant eats the banana and goes to his home.

One day when the elephant was coming home after bathing in the pond, he stopped at the tailor’s shop as usual, but that day the tailor was not in a good mood.

That day the tailor did not give him the banana. Instead, the tailor stuck a needle into the elephant’s trunk. This caused a lot of pain to the elephant and he also felt sad. At that time the elephant went away there

Like every day, the elephant went to the pond to take a bath the next day. While returning from there, the elephant filled its trunk with mud and headed towards the tailor’s shop.

When he reached the tailor’s shop, he poured the mud filled in his trunk on the clothes hanging in the tailor’s shop. Due to this, all the tailor’s stitched clothes got dirty.

The tailor was very sad to see all this and realized his mistake. In this way, the tailor deeply regretted the bad deed he had done. He also apologized to the elephant

“Things to learn from this story”

Bad things always happen to those who do bad things to others. That's why do good deeds and enjoy a happy life.

The Story of the Clever Fox and the Goat

Once a fox was roaming in the forest. While wandering in the forest, she reached near a well. Due to the presence of many trees near the well, she did not notice the well and fell into it.

The fox was trying with all his might to come out of the well but was unable to come out because the well was deep. At last, the fox sat down in despair and started waiting for someone to come for help.

Just then a goat came there. Seeing the fox, the goat said – ‘What are you doing in this well?’ The fox replied very cleverly – ‘I have come here to eat grass, the grass here is very tasty’

Hearing this, the goat said – ‘Since when have you started eating grass?’ On this, the fox said – ‘The grass here is so tasty that anyone would feel like eating it.’ Hearing this, the goat got greedy and started eating the grass. jumped into the well

As soon as the goat came into the well, the fox climbed on its back and jumped out of the well. In this way, the cunning fox cleverly took the help of the goat and pulled herself out of the well. The goat was very sad to know the truth.

“Things to learn from this story”

We should never be greedy and should act with patience and wisdom in times of trouble.

Story of Rat and God

Once upon a time. There was a mouse, he always thought about how much God had done him wrong by making him a mouse because he was always in danger from cats

He started saying how nice it would be if I were a cat. Hearing this, God took pity on the mouse and transformed it into a cat. After becoming a cat he became very happy but after some time he started getting scared of some dogs.

The rat then started thinking that if only I had a dog, I could go anywhere fearlessly. Then God turned him into a dog, and after becoming a dog he roamed around a lot. One day he went into the forest while roaming and a lion followed him. He was able to escape from there with great difficulty to save his life.

Then he said in his mind that if only I were a lion then I would not be afraid of anyone. God also made him a lion. Then he became very happy and all the animals in the whole forest were afraid of him.

One day a hunter came to that forest and started shooting arrows to kill the lion. To escape from that arrow, he ran towards the cave and hid there. Then he thought that this is also a life, I wish I were a human being.

This time God did not take pity on him and turned him into a rat again. God told that rat that I can make you anything but you will remain a rat only.

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