The Top AI Tools to Help You Study in College

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The Top AI Tools to Help You Study in College

Artificial intelligence tools are rapidly gaining popularity, especially among college students. However, with the abilities of AI advancing so quickly, there is a large grey area on where and how AI can be used in education. While many students face consequences for unethically using AI to generate essays and assignments, AI should not be totally abandoned. AI can be harnessed responsibly to help with research, provide insights, and enhance productivity.

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10 Best Free AI Study Tools For Students

Nearly every day, another AI tool comes out. While some are just fun toys, others are powerful tools that shake up education and the job market. Here are some of our top choices for students.

Best AI for Math – Mathly

For anyone who has pulled their hair out in frustration trying to figure out the solution to a math problem – this is the AI tool for you. All you have to do is take a photo of the math problem you are struggling with, and the tool not only solves the problem for you. But, more importantly, it explains its work and tries to teach you. If you still need some extra practice, the AI can generate similar problems for you to work on.

Best AI for Essay Improvement – Grammarly

Unless you remember all the grammar lessons you received in grade school, Grammarly is indispensable. While some features are the same as the Grammarly plugins in Google Docs or Microsoft Word, the Grammarly web interface goes further as an essay-writing AI assistant, giving editing suggestions to help your essay read more clearly. You can also change the tone or goal depending if you are writing a fun blog for your website or an academic article.

Best AI for Learning Programming and AI – Unschooler

Unschooler is an educational platform that uses AI to teach about AI and other tech areas. It offers a personalized learning experience, adapting to your needs and preferences.

By analyzing user interactions, it tailors content and resources to give students a more self-directed learning experience. Some currently available courses are UX research, Python, and AI and Machine Learning.

Best AI for Easy-to-Understand Explanations – Explain Like I’m Five

Explain Like I’m Five, or ELI5, provides simple, clear, and direct answers to some of life’s most complicated questions, whether that’s a complicated quantum physics concept or the difference between weather and climate.

Depending on your familiarity with the subject, you can choose different options to prompt this AI homework helper to explain more or less in-depth, and even a sarcasm meter if you want your answer to be a little spicy.

Best AI for Improving Language – GPTionary

Have a word or concept on the tip of your tongue but can’t quite recall it? Or are you an international student struggling to express yourself in a foreign language? GPTionary is a modern-age thesaurus powered by natural language processing (NLP). It can handle far more complex queries than a simple thesaurus and help you get your sentences right.

Best AI for Teachers – Roshi

Not sure what your lesson plan for the day is going to be? Roshi helps teachers create a lesson plan around comprehension, vocabulary, and grammar topics in just a few clicks. Upload a news article, and Roshi will pull out the important concepts you can highlight for your class.

Best AI for Learning With Videos – Kiwi

Did you watch a video for class but need help reviewing and summarizing what you learned? Kiwi is the tool. It can summarize videos and help you answer questions about the material. If the videos come from YouTube, Kiwi could be a good tool for students who need to study up on certain topics and want to use their time more efficiently.

Best AI for Studying – ExamCram

Knowing what and how to study can be incredibly difficult. ExamCram typically offers practice exams, flashcards, study guides, and other resources to aid last-minute review and retention. You can ask it about nearly any subject and even interact with it in several different languages.

Best AI for Creating – Geleza

Geleza’s goal is to consolidate all of the AI tools you are using across various platforms and combine them into one. It can help you write lyrics, prep for an interview, revamp your CV, or create AI art. The people behind Geleza are also working on expanding the AI’s possibilities to branch out to other tools, making it an all-in-one stop.

Best AI for Learning New Topics – TutorAI

TutorAI is another learning and studying platform. You can ask anything from world history to physics, and the tool will give you different module choices around the degree of explanation you are looking for. Then, it will further break up the topic into lessons and subtopics for easy, bite-sized learning.

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Learn about start dates, transferring credits, availability of financial aid, and more by contacting the universities below.

Frequently Asked Questions About AI Study Tools

How can AI help with my homework?

AI can assist with homework by providing explanations, answering questions, suggesting relevant resources, and offering step-by-step solutions. It can help you understand concepts better, save time, and improve your learning experience through personalized guidance.

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