Solana Meme Coin Sensations Left Behind By Ethereum Based Memecoin That Is Set To List On Major Exchanges

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Solana Meme Coin Sensations Left Behind By Ethereum Based Memecoin That Is Set To List On Major Exchanges

The meme coin market has witnessed massive rallies in the past few weeks with Solana-based meme coins leading the surge. This rally could be attributed to the massive interest in meme coins. While Bonk (BONK) and Dogwifhat (WIF) are among the top meme coins in the Solana blockchain, this new Ethereum-based memecoin is about to topple them.

KangaMoon (KANG) is making a massive statement in the meme coin space as its listing across major exchanges draws nearer. With its unique ecosystem and massive interest in the presale, analysts believe KANG is among the best new meme coins to invest in for future returns. More details are below.

KangaMoon Price Set to Skyrocket as Listing on Exchanges Nears

After months of presale, KangaMoon’s listing is imminent. The new revolutionary meme platform has attracted whales in presale, with close to 10,000 token holders. The community has grown too close to 30,000, signifying massive interest in the platform. With BitMart listing coming soon, analysts have picked KANG as one of the top meme coins to buy now while also projecting a 50x surge.

For context, KangaMoon is an ecosystem that combines the Play to Earn and SocialFi structure to build a vibrant community for meme lovers. With these two unique features, users can engage in challenges, play games, and win prizes. Players who win games are rewarded with virtual currency or rare in-game items that can be traded in the game marketplace.

Apart from playing games, non-gamers can speculate on match outcomes and win prizes. Also, users can engage in KangaMoon social media activities like the ongoing Kangameme contest and win prizes. Recently, the platform partnered with RaidSharksbot to boost engagement, with winners getting a $1000 monthly reward.

The KangaMoon native token, KANG, is sold for just $0.025. Early buyers have gotten 400% ROI. With the BitMart listing drawing closer, now might be the best time to accumulate the token and stake a claim in the $176B games market. Some analysts believe that KANG will outshine the likes of BONK and WIF  in the year, putting KANG on the list of meme coins to watch in Q3.

Bonk Price Prediction: Could BONK Reach $0.0001 by June?

Bonk is one of the Solana-based meme coins that have witnessed massive rallies in the past few months. The meme token was created for the people and by the people, with 50% of the total supply airdropped to the Solana community. In the past year, the Bonk price has witnessed massive rallies, gaining over 5000% in the time frame.

According to Coinmarketcap, Bonk’s price has gained over 200% since February to rank 6th in the meme coin market. Bonk’s market cap has also risen in the past months and is now within the $2B mark. A closer look at the Bonk market sentiment signals a buying zone with investors accumulating the token. Having established support above $0.0023, there is growing optimism that Bonk is closer to its peak. As such, KangaMoon has been speculated as the next meme cointo bull.

Dogwifhat Trading Volume Surges as Investors Show Confidence

Dogwifhat (WIF) is another Solana-based top meme coin that has been gaining traction in the memecoin space. According to CoinMarketCap, Dogwifhat’s trading volume has witnessed a massive surge in the past few weeks, with the market cap above the $3B mark.

Dogwifhat established support above $4 in March. An attempt at breaking through the $5 mark was unsuccessful. A retrial in April was also unsuccessful, leading to the Dogwifhat price dropping below the $2.5 mark in late April. The return of the bear market worsened the situation with the token struggling to hold onto the $2 support in early May. Some analysts think that WIF is closer to its peak. As such, a shift to KangaMoon might return more profits in the long term.

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