IPL 2024: Shah Rukh Khan’s KKR Gets Gautam Gambhir Back

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IPL 2024: Shah Rukh Khan’s KKR Gets Gautam Gambhir Back

IPL 2024: Gautam Gambhir – The Prodigal Sun Returns. The fiery leader is back to where it all started. The Indian Premier League has come full circle. If your fondest memories of the Kolkata franchise were during the glory days when they won IPL titles, you’re in for a treat. Gautam Gambhir has been signed up as a Kolkata Knight Riders franchise mentor starting next year.

Wow! To think this couldn’t get more exciting. Here’s what the former KKR skipper said right after the news came out:

“I’m not an emotional person and not many things move me, but this is different. This is back to where it all started. Today, there’s a lump in my throat and fire in my heart as I think about slipping into that purple and gold jersey once again. I’m not only coming back to KKR, but I’m coming back to the City of Joy. I am back. I am hungry. I am number 23. Amy KKR!”

Gautam Gambhir – (Kolkata Knight Riders)

Now we know you are rarely moved and show how sentimental you are, Gotham. We’ve seen you play, coach, and do some commentary too, but this feels special and different. You can sense the emotion in his message – a lump in his throat and fire in his heart.

The news has gotten everyone excited, and there is an air of expectancy hanging about. Kolkata had a horrid last season. Their captain, Shayer, was injured and missed the entire campaign. Despite some heroics that produced one of the most memorable moments of IPL, KKR still managed to finish only seventh. The magic that helped Videra in their stunning domestic campaign was absent. The senior hands were lackluster; they seemed to lack the spark and that little extra something. And in walks Gotham Gambhir.

We don’t know how IPL 2024 will pan out, but fans are already steeped with expectations of this being an extraordinary year. The owner, Shah Ruk Khan, couldn’t contain his emotions and excitement. He’s had an incredible bond with Gambhir, and they have created moments that warm the KKR fan even today. Gotham Gambhir has always been part of the family, and this is a captain coming back home in a different avatar as a mentor. He was sorely missed, and now we all look forward to Chandu Sir and Gotham instilling the never-say-die spirit and sportsmanship they stand for, creating magic with team KKR.

IPL 2024: Shah Rukh Khan’s KKR Gets Gautam Gambhir Back
IPL 2024: Shah Rukh Khan’s KKR Gets Gautam Gambhir Back

Gambhir’s return to purple and gold brings back memories of a time when KKR was one of the most successful franchises in the Indian Premier League setup. During the time that Gambhir spearheaded the team from 2011 to 2017, the Kolkata Knight Riders made it to five playoffs and won the title twice – once in 2012 and a second time in 2014. What an incredible run!

But what also comes to mind is all his run-ins and tiffs. The reason Gambhir is quite followed and watched so much more has a lot to do with the kind of persona he has. He’s quite a fiery character, and his presence adds that dimension to any side he’s a part of. We can’t forget his fights on the field, especially when it came to being a part of the Indian setup. Of course, his war of words with Pakistani and Aussie cricketers in the past. Fans love some heat and a fiery exchange of passion, and when Gambhir is involved, you can be sure there will always be a lot of that.

When it came to his KKR stint, he even had a massive face-off with Chennai Super Kings, which is one of the most successful franchises in the league. He had a run-in with MS Dhoni himself during the final where Kolkata Knight Riders beat the Chennai Super Kings. Of course, all that is water under the bridge, but some face-offs are unforgettable.

Like earlier this year in the 2023 IPL season when Gautam Gambhir went head-on with Royal Challengers Bangalore captain Virat Kohli. This came after RCB beat Linnos Super Giants, the franchise Gambhir had a mentor for the last two years. The players had a few tiffs during the game, and Gambhir decided it was time for him to step in and defend his players and stand up to Virat Kohli himself. The matter was intense, and just about every camera caught the heated exchange between the two Delhi boys going at each other. Virat Kohli was visibly miffed, and that was confirmed by some of the statements he ended up making on their digital platform post.

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