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Left to right: Pan Yamniyom, Support Associate; Greg Davis, Systems Engineer; John Connolly, Support Associate; Jarrod McFarlane, Director; Nick Kelly, Support Associate; Rich Holliday, Engineering Manager; Rich Tulipan, Systems Engineer; John Berwick, Support Associate; John Adamo, Systems Technician and Greg Marullo, Support Associate. Not pictured: Mike Hicks, Systems Technician; Ed Brunet, Systems Technician; Ted Sneed, Support Associate; Sara Filipkowski, Support Associate and Eric Lane, Systems Technician. Photo Credit: Eric Lane, Media Systems Technician.

Stony Brook University’s Division of Information Technology (DoIT) is proudly featured in the April 2024 issue of AV Technology Magazine, as a member of the Higher Ed Class of 2024.

Included alongside institutions like Purdue University, Syracuse University and the University of Illinois, Stony Brook joined the ranks of this year’s leading colleges and universities for a recent initiative aimed at enhancing the teaching and learning experience across campus.

By gathering and listening to feedback from faculty members, the team was able to identify the need for teaching setups that give faculty members a seamless option to bring their own device to a classroom, or to utilize the existing technology in place.

Working collaboratively with several groups on campus, the Classroom Technology Support teams were able to establish a technology standard across all general purpose classrooms, and have successfully implemented classroom technology that gives faculty members options for teaching, and helps facilitate an enhanced classroom learning environment benefiting students.

Read more about how Stony Brook created a classroom minimum standard and equipped every general purpose classroom with a PC computer, display (projector or flat panel) and HDMI input.


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