Nosana Partners with Matrix One to Revolutionize AI Avatar Creation with Distributed GPU Network

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Nosana Partners with Matrix One to Revolutionize AI Avatar Creation with Distributed GPU Network

Amsterdam, Netherlands, June 4th, 2024, Chainwire

Nosana, a decentralized open-source compute network, today announces a groundbreaking strategic partnership with Matrix One, the pioneering decentralised AI character protocol. This collaboration aims to democratize the creation, ownership, and utilization of AI-powered characters, leveraging Nosana’s advanced infrastructure to propel AI technology to new heights.

Nosana is renowned for providing AI developers and businesses with affordable, on-demand access to GPUs, offering a cost-effective alternative to centralized solutions. By making GPU compute capacity more accessible, Nosana cuts expenses, decreases deployment times, and offers greater flexibility for engineers and companies. This highlights the vast scale and potential of its decentralized physical infrastructure network (DePIN).

By integrating with Matrix One, Nosana will test its platform capabilities, providing Matrix One with access to its advanced GPU grid for extensive computational research and development tasks. This integration will enhance Matrix One’s ecosystem, enabling the creation of more sophisticated and powerful AI avatars.

“Matrix One is at the forefront of democratizing AI characters,” stated Jesse Eisses, co-founder of Nosana. “We are thrilled to power their innovative characters with our decentralized compute capabilities.”

Matrix One offers consumers a groundbreaking approach to AI characters, providing unprecedented access and flexibility. 

“Nosana’s decentralized compute network is revolutionizing AI development,” stated Hady Musavi, Head of Community at Matrix One. “Their advanced GPU grid empowers us to create more sophisticated AI characters, marking a significant leap in decentralized technology.”

The collaboration will initially focus on testing the performance and scalability of Nosana’s compute platform. Future initiatives will explore expanding the integration to further enhance capabilities and services. Nosana and Matrix One are committed to open collaboration, reflecting their shared dedication to innovation and the growth of decentralised computing solutions and AI models.

About Matrix One

Matrix One is the decentralised AI protocol for developers and creators, offering a suite of modular tools for crafting characters with multimodal perception capabilities that seamlessly integrate into both virtual and real-world settings. Our vision is to make 3D, accessible, interactive, decentralised, and interoperable AI characters available to everyone. We aim to revolutionise digital interactions by creating AI agents that serve as companions, guides, and collaborators in daily life. At Matrix One, we believe in the transformative potential of AI characters to enhance and enrich human experiences across various domains.

Users can learn More about Matrix One: Website | Documentation | Twitter(X) | Discord | Telegram | Blog

About Nosana

Nosana is an open-source cloud computing marketplace dedicated to AI inference. Nosana mission is simple: make GPU computing more accessible to all at a fraction of the cost. The platform has two main goals: providing AI users with flexible GPU access and allowing GPU owners to earn passive income by renting out their hardware. By offering affordable GPU power, Nosana enables AI users to train and deploy models faster, without expensive hardware investments, all powered by the $NOS token. Access compute for a fraction of the cost or become a compute supplier at

Users can learn more about Nosana: Website | Documentation | Twitter | Discord | Telegram | LinkedIn

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