New Crypto Presale DoggyAI Raises $101,000 in Hours, Will This AI Meme Coin Explode?

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New Crypto Presale DoggyAI Raises $101,000 in Hours, Will This AI Meme Coin Explode?

The recent Doggy AI (DOGYAI) crypto presale has swiftly accumulated over 101,000 shortly after its launch, suggesting it might become the next big hit in the meme coin market.

This eagerly awaited token introduction capitalizes on the Ethereum blockchain’s robust capabilities and the widespread appeal of dog-themed meme coins. Seven out of the top ten meme coins feature canine characters.

Doggy AI stands out by blending meme culture with advanced AI technology. It positions itself as a leader in the cryptocurrency revolution and stays at the forefront of the industry’s most compelling trends. The project aims to significantly expand its community by introducing substantial daily staking rewards, enabling investors to increase their holdings quickly.

Presale Success with No Hard Cap Announced

The Doggy AI presale is on track to become a standout success, having already raised over $101K. While the project’s whitepaper does not specify a hard cap, it indicates that 30% of the token’s 69 billion total supply is designated for the presale phase.

The allocation plan also includes 20% for staking rewards, 10% for community incentives, 10% for exchange liquidity, 20% for marketing efforts, and the remaining 10% to support and expand the project. The impressive launch promises a bright future for Doggy AI and highlights a significant shift and innovation in crypto marketing strategies.

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Innovative Technology Meets Meme Culture: The New Era of Crypto Marketing

Doggy AI is rallying its vibrant community to ascend to the pinnacle of the meme coin market, showcasing a progressive model of modern community engagement.

This project uniquely caters to diverse investor profiles by embedding advanced AI technology within an engaging meme coin format. It resonates with both the adventurous, risk-taking traders and the more conservative investors focused on profitability and value.

Doggy AI follows in the footsteps of successful predecessors like Corgi AI and Turbo, which have also capitalized on the potent combination of cutting-edge technology and meme culture to achieve significant success in the crypto sphere.

Corgi AI regularly trends on CoinMarketCap, which boasts a market cap of over $500 million, while Turbo has surged over 9000%.

However, Doggy AI stands out from its predecessors in several ways. First, its playful name and branding capture the contrarian essence of memetic culture.

Lastly, its staking rewards prime it for lasting success and help offset the volatility typical to meme coins.

Daily Staking Rewards and Hype-Induced Mania

Doggy AI’s staking mechanism will draw a crowd, offering an astronomically high staking reward of approximately 315,360% P/A.

The staking supply will be released over two years, providing Doggy AI with a runway to become the “top dog” on the charts.

That said, the big rewards are only available for early adopters, with the staggering staking reward quickly decreasing as the staking pool grows.

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Indeed, this is already injecting a sense of FOMO into the project, but Doggy AI’s tiered presale pricing system exasperates the urgency.

The price will incrementally increase throughout the campaign, providing early buyers with more value for money.

$DOGYAI is currently trading at $0.000289, but the next uptick will occur in one day or when the total raise hits $714,285.71.

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Notes for editors

Social Channels: Twitter | Telegram

  • Project Name: Doggy AI 

  • Token Name: $DOGYAI

  • Deployment Network: Ethereum

  • Soft Cap: $8,835,000

  • Hard Cap: $10,000,000

  • Presale Start Date: 07/06/2024

Presale Stages Table

Presale Stages

Prices for each stage:

Length of each stage (in days)


$ 0.0002888



$ 0.0003177



$ 0.0003494



$ 0.0003844



$ 0.0004228



$ 0.0004651



$ 0.0005116



$ 0.0005628



$ 0.0006191



$ 0.0006810



$ 0.0007491



$ 0.0008240



$ 0.0009064



$ 0.0009970



$ 0.0010967


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