Ncuti Gatwa, Millie Gibson Say ‘Space Babies’ is for the Fans

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[This story includes spoilers from the opening two episodes of the new season of Doctor Who, “Space Babies” and “The Devil’s Chord.”]

Doctor Who, BBC’s long-running science-fiction show, is back with a new season, a new cast and, for many international territories, a new home on Disney+.

The first two episodes of the latest season have now dropped on the streamer, and on the BBC iPlayer in the U.K., and they see Ncuti Gatwa (Barbie, Sex Education) firmly solidifying his role as the Fifteenth Doctor with companion Ruby Sunday, played by newcomer Millie Gibson, after their 2023 Christmas Day debut with “The Church On Ruby Road.”

Gatwa recently wowed crowds with his punky red carpet style at the L.A. Doctor Who premiere, telling The Hollywood Reporter, “There’s a twist to this traditional, institutional show that’s stepping into the modern era.”

Earlier this week, THR ran the first part of this interview with the Doctor Who pair — which didn’t include any spoilers. Below, Gatwa and Gibson get into all of it, including The Bogeyman villain and the Time Lord’s Turkish take on a Tenth Doctor classic.


So, when the script landed for “Space Babies,” were you shocked when you found out what the Bogeyman actually was and that the space station moved at the end because of a gigantic fart caused by many dirty diapers?

MILLIE GIBSON It’s clever how Russell [T Davies, showrunner] had a misinterpreted monster included into the episode. Because you do look at the Bogeyman and you’re like, “Oh that’s disgusting! It’s made of snot.” But actually he’s the only one of his kind; such a beautiful element to have. It’s also like the whole thing of “don’t judge a book by its cover.” But yeah, so strong, such a strong ending.

NCUTI GATWA Very strong ending. Yeah. I had fun. LOL. I just thought that episode is such a lovely start to our series.

GIBSON I think it’s one for the OG fans as well.

GATWA Yeah, it works for many layers. It works for many age groups. And I thought that that kind of a little clever trick, I don’t know what you call it, of the Bogeyman being made by bogeys was just cute and funny, and that whole scene where Ruby’s discovering it… (laughs)

GIBSON Oh, it was horrible!

GATWA (clapping with each word) It was so much fun to do!

GIBSON  It was so much fun.

GATWA You didn’t much enjoy getting snot poured down you, but I had a great time.

GIBSON No, it was great. That whole sequence is just mad that we actually filmed it. I remember when they were about to go, “Action,” with all this snot on me and I was like, “Oh, this better go well, because I can’t do this again!” So, thank God it was on tape. (laughs)     

Ncuti, I think the Doctor speaks Turkish during one of the episodes. What is it he’s saying?

GATWA Haydi ama! Let’s go.

GIBSON It’s like your equivalent to “Allons-y.” [This was a catchphrase popularized and used many times by the Tenth Doctor, played by David Tennant.]

GATWA Yes, it’s the Fifteenth [Doctor’s] equivalent to Allons-y. There was a line in it that’s been taken out now that was like, “I used to say Allons-y. If I can’t say that, I’m going to say Haydi ama!” Yeah, it’s in Turkish.

There’s a memorable quote in “The Devil’s Chord”: “Lovesick songs for heartbroken lesbians.”

GATWA I love that line!

GIBSON Oh, my god! I brought my mom to the premiere and she was like, why would you sing a song for heartbroken lesbians? (laughs) It’s so good, the cinema howled at that [at the London Doctor Who season premiere].

GATWA They howled!

In the same episode, the Maestro (played by Jinkx Monsoon) discovers something about Ruby. He says there is some hidden song deep inside her soul. How is that going to play out through the rest of the season?

GIBSON (with mock ignorance) No idea.

GATWA (similarly) No idea.

GIBSON I haven’t actually read the rest of the series, so no clue! (both laugh)

Doctor Who episodes “Space Babies” and “The Devil’s Chord” are available to stream on Disney+ (excluding U.K. and Ireland). New episodes debut weekly on Saturdays. Read THR’s take on the two-episode premiere.

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