International study programs: Arts and humanities

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International study programs: Arts and humanities

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Studying in the U.S. | 22 April 2024
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If an international study program in the U.S. encompassing multiple liberal arts disciplines is intriguing to you, you might consider a bachelor’s degree in arts and humanities. Some colleges and universities whittle their academic programs to specific liberal arts disciplines, while some schools offer arts and humanities as a broad program. 

In this blog post, we’ll explain what to expect from this program during school and after graduation.

About arts and humanities programs 

As an arts and humanities student in an international study program in the U.S., you’re exposed to a breadth of disciplines related to learning what it is to be human across various cultures. You’ll study history, foreign language, religion, gender studies, sociology, psychology, philosophy, literature and more. 

The program develops your communication and leadership skills while sharpening your aptitude for writing, critical reasoning and problem-solving. Some students spend their undergraduate career studying arts and humanities as part of their path toward a professional degree in medicine and law, as well.

Demand for arts and humanities degrees 

Interest in arts and humanities programs has grown year over year. The Institute of International Education’s (IIE) 2023 Open Doors Report found that arts and humanities had a 3.8% increase in enrollment during the 2022-23 academic year compared to the year prior.

The report states that 15,783 students chose arts and humanities as their international study program. Arts and humanities falls just shy of making the IIE’s top 10 areas of study list.

5 jobs you can get with arts and humanities degrees 

A bachelor’s in arts and humanities affords you diverse career paths, all of which involve skilled communication, problem-solving and teamwork. Here are just a few examples of accessible professions to explore.

1. Public relations specialist 

Public relations specialists try to favorably position the image of public figures, companies, brands and other organizations. 

As a public relations specialist, you’ll write media correspondences, like press releases, media inquiry and interview responses, and speeches. You’ll also research the public’s current opinion about your client, group or company, and you’ll design promotional assets and advertisements to shift opinions toward a desired direction.

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), public relations specialists earn a median annual wage of US$67,440. Those who were at the top 10% of earners made more than US$128,450 annually. Between 2022 to 2032, demand for public relation specialists is expected to grow 6%. 

2. Technical writer 

When you purchase a product, the packaging might include multiple inserts, such as safety warnings, user manuals, assembly instructions and other guides. A technical writer is responsible for drafting this content to explain technical information in a way that’s clear and accessible to a layperson.

In your work, you’ll need to thoroughly understand the product you’re supplying information about. This requires communicating with product designers and engineers. In addition to writing technical information, you might be responsible for editing the technical writing projects of your peers. 

The BLS states that technical writers earn a median wage of US$79,960 per year, with top earners receiving greater than US$128,110. Technical writers have a positive job outlook that’s projected to grow 7% between 2022 to 2032.  

3. Human resources specialist 

If you enjoy routinely meeting new people and interacting with people at all levels of an organization, a human resources specialist job might be a fit. Human resources specialists use the communication, critical thinking and problem-solving skills they acquired through their degree on a daily basis. 

In this role, you’ll assist with recruiting, screening applicants, preparing contract paperwork and organizing new-employee onboarding. You’re also responsible for maintaining employee records regarding benefits, performance evaluations and compensation all while fostering employee relations on behalf of the company.  

Human resource specialists earn a median salary of US$64,240 annually, though top wages can go beyond US$116,060. Job employment in this profession is projected at a faster-than-average rate of 6% between 2022 to 2032. 

4. Teacher 

If you’re passionate about fostering the development and education of today’s youth, working as a teacher might be your calling. After obtaining an arts and humanities degree, you would need to pursue a teacher’s certificate and could then teach at the primary and secondary school levels. The specific responsibilities you’ll have depend on the grade you teach. Generally, you’re responsible for instructing a group of students in school, creating lesson plans on various subjects, like art, science, reading and writing, and mathematics. 

You’ll also evaluate how well they’re absorbing the information through assignment grading, in-class tests and standardized exams. But academics are just one role that teachers play. Teachers are also charged with managing students’ behavioral development and interaction with their peers. 

Teacher salaries vary by state depending on the grade level taught and whether you teach at a public or private school. Below are the median annual wages for primary and secondary teachers at a public versus private school.

    • Primary-level public school: US$62,190
    • Primary-level private school: US$48,380   
    • Secondary-level public school: US$62,930
    • Secondary-level private school: US$58,640

Between 2022 to 2032, the job outlook for teachers is projected to stay the same. 

5. Event planner

As an event planner, you’re responsible for breathing life into the client’s or organization’s special event. Events you can coordinate span personal and professional gatherings, like weddings and receptions, family reunions, conferences, expos and conventions, and business meetings. 

You’re responsible for coordinating all logistics related to the event, like finding a venue, securing vendor contracts, decor, participant and guest itineraries, transportation and other event-specific requests.   

Event planner salaries vary, depending on whether you’re employed through an agency or run your own small business. In general, event planners earn a median wage of US$52,560, with top salaries reaching beyond US$92,880 per year. If you choose this profession, you can expect its job outlook to climb 8% between 2022 to 2032, according to the BLS.

Final thoughts on arts and humanities degrees 

Earning an arts and humanities degree can be an academically fulfilling pursuit. You’ll be exposed to a range of liberal arts disciplines that enhance your skill set for the job market. 

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