Top 8 Indian Robotics Startups of 2024

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Top 8 Indian Robotics Startups of 2024

Indian Robotics Startups – India is experiencing a hardware revolution, with robotics playing a key role in enabling this revolution. While most people think of humanoid robots, most robots in use today look quite different. In this article, we will learn about 8 Indian startups that are building robots for various purposes.

1: Addverb Technologies

Addverb Technologies, based in Noida, was founded by Sangi Gumar, Beer Singh, Saes Shukla, Amit Kumar, and N Sharma. The company focuses on automating processes like picking, sorting, and storage of products in warehouses. Addverb Technologies has helped over 100 businesses automate their warehouses and factories, generating a revenue of 450 crore rupees in FY23. Reliance acquired a 54% stake in the company in 2022.

2- Genrobotic Innovations Robotics

General Robotics, based in Theur, is addressing the issue of manual scavenging with its robot called Bandicoot. This robot can clean sewers without risking human life. The practice of manual scavenging is still prevalent in India, with more than 58,000 people involved in this hazardous work. General Robotics has sold 2,000 Bandicoot robots and generated revenue of Rs 20 crore in FY22.

3- Ati Motors

The Bengaluru-based startup, Ati Motors, specializes in building electric autonomous robots to transport goods in warehouses and factories. Their flagship robot, Sherpa Tug, can pull multiple trolleys and carry up to 1,000 kg of payload autonomously. The robot has a swappable battery that takes 2 hours to charge and lasts for 8 hours. Aye Motors has raised $21.2 million and is used by 20 customers in 31 factory plants.

4- Svaya Robotics

Hyderabad-based Svaya Robotics manufactures collaborative robots or cobots. These robots work alongside humans to automate repetitive tasks such as packaging, quality inspection, and loading/unloading. Spy Robotics recently collaborated with DRDO to develop India’s own quadrupedal robot. This robot, similar to Boston Dynamics’ Spot, has potential military applications.

5- Niqo Robotics

Niqo Robotics, an Agretech startup based in Bengaluru, focuses on building tiny robots for precise pesticide spraying on individual plants. By using computer vision, their robots can determine which plants need spraying and apply the right amount of pesticide. This technology reduces pesticide input by almost 60% and decreases soil pollution. Niqo Robotics is used by over 500 farms across Maharashtra and Karnataka.

Top 8 Indian Robotics Startups of 2024
Top 8 Indian Robotics Startups of 2024

6: Gridbot Technologies

GridBot Technologies, founded in 2007, is an indigenous robot manufacturer based in Chennai. They have developed robots for various industries and have successfully built a robotics company without raising VC money. Their robots are cost-effective, as the company invests 80% of its revenue in research and development.

7: Sastra Robotics

Sastra Robotics, based in Kochi, specializes in building robotic arms for testing electronic devices. Their technology has significantly reduced testing time from an average of 256 days to just 15 days. Sastra Robotics has worked with clients such as Bosch, Honeywell, HCL Tech, and Qualcomm.

8- Eyerov Technologies

Eyerov Technologies, also based in Kochi, focuses on marine robotics. Their flagship product is the Iro Tuna, an underwater drone used for surveying and monitoring underwater structures like dams and gas pipelines. The drone can go as deep as 100 meters and has been used by over 40 clients.

Future of Indian Robotics Startups Companies

While discussing impressive robotics companies, two companies are worth mentioning: Orange Wood and Grey Orange. Although they are not technically Indian companies, they have Indian-origin founders. Orange Wood’s R&D team is based in India, specifically in NOIDA, and Grey Orange has one of its seven offices in Gurugram.

It is unfortunate that some of India’s most impressive robotics companies are not Indian. However, the trend is starting to reverse as India’s hardware ecosystem strengthens, and the value of these robotics companies in manufacturing becomes more apparent for Indian companies.

In the future, it is expected that more top robotics companies worldwide will choose to headquarter their operations in India instead of the United States. The reverse brain drain phenomenon is already happening, and with time, India will become a hub for robotics companies.

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