How Much Is Auto Insurance In Florida?

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How Much Is Auto Insurance In Florida?

How Much Is Auto Insurance In Florida? Do you drive in Florida? Did you know that, on average, over 1,000 car accidents happen each day across Florida roads? Hopefully you already know how important it is to have a car, but let’s face it, car insurance is expensive, especially in Florida. That’s why, at Free Advice,

Car insurance in Florida is usually expensive. Bankrate studied data from Quadrant Information Services to figure out the average cost for Florida drivers. The results indicate that, on average, Florida drivers pay $3,183 for full coverage and $1,128 for minimum coverage. These amounts are much higher than the national average car insurance cost.

  • In Florida, the average monthly cost of full-coverage auto insurance is $265, compared to $94 for minimal coverage.
  • Florida’s full-coverage auto insurance is 37% more expensive than the country as a whole.
  • Florida’s minimum coverage auto insurance is around 45 percent more expensive than the national average.
  • In Florida, the difference in insurance premiums between men and women often closes by the time a driver reaches the age of thirty.

Florida car insurance rates by city

Where you live (ZIP code) affects how much you pay for car insurance because how often accidents happen and how much crime there is can vary from city to city. Even though car insurance is usually pricey in Florida, the table below shows how rates in big cities can be different. For instance, living in Orlando or St. Petersburg might save you more money compared to living in Tampa or Miami.

Florida cityAvg. monthly full coverage premiumAvg. annual full coverage premiumPercentage change from FL avg. annual full coverage premium
St. Petersburg$250$3,003-6%
Fort Lauderdale$266$3,197-0%

Florida’s sunny beaches are great for vacations, but if you live by the coast, your home and car could be directly hit by a hurricane. People in hurricane-prone areas should think about adding comprehensive coverage to their car insurance. This can help cover the costs of fixing or replacing their vehicles after a storm.

Average car insurance costs by age and gender in Florida 

Car insurance in Florida costs different amounts depending on your age and gender. Teenagers often pay more because they are new drivers and more likely to have accidents. The cost starts to level off around age 25. After turning 30, if you have a good driving record, your car insurance rates in Florida usually go down as you get older.

  • Male
AgeAverage annual full coverage premium in FloridaAverage minimum coverage premium in FL
Age 16*$7,113$2,527
Age 18$10,260$3,474
Age 20$7,431$2,434
Age 25$4,117$1,328
Age 30$3,405$1,141
Age 40$3,169$3,198
Age 50$2,981$1,020
Age 60$2,929$1,009
Age 70$3,131$1,083
  • Female
AgeAverage annual full coverage premium in FloridaThe average minimum coverage premium in Florida
Age 16*$6,363$2,442
Age 18$8,678$3,222
Age 20$6,239$2,251
Age 25$3,919$1,418
Age 30$3,371$1,234
Age 40$3,198$1,175
Age 50$2,997$1,066
Age 60$2,906$1,031
Age 70$3,190$1,126

Bankrate’s view: Car insurance prices depend on risk. If you’re seen as a higher risk for your insurance company, they’ll probably charge you more for your premium. On average, men tend to have more severe car accidents and get more traffic violations, such as DUIs, compared to women. That’s why men often end up paying more for car insurance, no matter their age.

Cost considerations for young drivers in Florida

If you’re a young driver, whether you have your own insurance or stay on your parent’s policy can greatly affect how much you pay for coverage. On average, young drivers in Florida might save more than $1,000 by staying on their parent’s policy while living with them.

AgeAvg. annual premium for drivers on their parents’ policy in FLAvg. annual premium for drivers on their own policy in FLPercent difference
Age 16$6,738N/A*N/A*
Age 17$6,405N/A*N/A*
Age 18$6,117$9,46955%
Age 19$5,247$7,23238%
Age 20$5,017$6,83536%

How does a driving record impact the cost of car insurance in Florida?

In Florida, the cost of car insurance varies based on how well you drive. If you get a speeding ticket, you might pay about 18 percent more than the average. Having a DUI can make your insurance cost around 63 percent more, and an accident can increase it by over 38 percent compared to what most people pay for insurance in Florida.

If you’ve been convicted of a DUI, it might be challenging to find an insurance company willing to cover you. In that case, you could try getting a quote from a Florida provider that specializes in insuring high-risk drivers.

Driving incidentAvg. annual premium* in FLPercentage increase from FL average annual premium*
Clean driving record$3,1830%
Speeding ticket conviction$3,76918%
At-fault accident$4,39538%
DUI conviction$5,17563%

Car insurance rates in Florida by credit score

Credit tierAvg. annual premium* in FLPercentage change from FL average annual premium*
In Florida, your credit-based insurance score affects how much you pay for car insurance. If you have good credit, you’ll likely pay the normal rate. But if your credit is excellent, you might save about 16%. On the other hand, if your credit is just average, you could end up paying around 13% more than the usual cost. Having poor credit might mean you pay about double the average car insurance cost in Florida.

Estimate your car insurance cost in Florida

Car insurance costs can be confusing because of various factors. To help you figure out an approximate amount, Bankrate made a tool. Just input some basic information, and it will give you a rough idea of your insurance cost. It’s not an exact quote, but it can help you plan your budget better.

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