How did Andrew Tate Make His Money in 2024

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How did Andrew Tate Make His Money

The REAL Reason Andrew Tate Became A Millionaire – No matter where you look right now, there’s no escaping Andrew Tate. His face pops up on every other TikTok video and YouTube is flooded with videos of him or reactions to him. Right now, he’s being Googled more than Donald Trump, Kim Kardashian, and Johnny Depp, and everyone wants to know who he is, and why he’s become so famous, How did Andrew Tate Make His Money?

How did Andrew Tate Make His Money?

Andrew Tate has followed the formula perfectly: establish yourself in some craft or discipline, flaunt your wealth and lavish lifestyle, and say whatever you want whenever you want (or while the camera is rolling). There’s no better way to build intrigue and envy in your audience. People will either love you or hate you, but either way, their eyes will be on you. And for every extra pair of eyes, it’s another dollar in your bank account.

But unlike McGregor and other controversial characters, Andrew Tate’s path to riches is a much darker one. It comes with allegations of assaulting women, scamming innocent men, and running a pyramid scheme he calls “Hustlers University.”

So how exactly did Andrew Tate get so rich and famous, and is there any truth to the accusations made against him?

Andrew Tate Early Life and Chess

Andrew was the eldest of three children born to Emery Tate. Emery was a highly intelligent man who was gifted at chess. Having been taught to play as a child himself, Emery taught Andrew to play at a very young age. Andrew spent years studying theory with his father’s guidance and developed a deep understanding of chess strategy. He competed against players more than twice his age and became state champion in Indiana at only five years old.

At this point, his dad’s career in the military had ended, so Emery was working minimum-wage jobs to make ends meet. Even pulling together gas money to get to chess events was a struggle. When things reached breaking point, Emery’s wife took the children and moved to a poor town in the heart of England called Luton.

With a much smaller chess scene in the UK, Andrew decided to stop competing in chess and move on to something else. Despite this, the lessons he learned from the game in his formative years extended into the way he lived his life going forward.

“Chess applies perfectly to life. If you look at a chess board, you look at life and how you strategize and put things in place. A chessboard and life mimic each other perfectly. The king is you. The king can’t die. If you die, the game’s over. You cannot be trapped, you cannot die. Every single piece is disposable besides the king, and that’s you.”

Andrew Tate Kickboxing

Settling into the UK was tough for Andrew and his siblings due to their American accents. They were teased and bullied by the kids in their school. After a fight broke out between Andrew’s brother Tristan and the school bully, their mom enrolled them in self-defense classes. It was here that Andrew developed an interest in one-on-one combat.

At the age of 17, he met his future coach, Amir Subasic, at the Storm Gym in Luton. He began training for kickboxing and quickly learned he was a natural. Fighting filled a void left behind from his days playing chess. As he grew, his frame filled out, and combined with his natural fighting ability, he quickly became a serious threat in the ring.

Standing at 6’3″ and pounds, Tate’s size and long limbs made him perfect for kickboxing. His career started in 2007 when he got off to a shaky start but recovered with four consecutive wins. This earned him a title bout against Paul Randall, who he beat by decision. He was awarded the ISKA Cruiserweight title for his victory.

Just five months later, he won his second belt after knocking out Daniel Hughes, making him both the ISKA and IKF Cruiserweight champion. He continued to compete, knocking out Jean Benoit in 2011 to earn his first world title. Over the next few years, he would become a four-time world champion. By 2016, he had achieved an impressive record of 73 wins and 9 losses.

But even after accomplishing so much, Andrew was left feeling unsatisfied. It seemed that the older he got, the greater his desire for fame and riches became, and kickboxing simply didn’t provide enough of either.

“I became a four-time world champion, and one day I woke up and I literally just woke up. I looked at my bank, I had like three grand, four grand in there, and I’m like, ‘I’m giving up my entire life, and I don’t even know if I’m gonna live. I need to get rich. I want to get rich.’

Webcam Business of Andrew Tate

He had to accept that kickboxing wasn’t going to get him where he wanted, so he began branching out into other things. This was when Andrew and his brother came up with the idea of starting a webcam business.

Since he was taking flights all around the world during his kickboxing career, Andrew had five girlfriends in different locations. He had them fly over to meet him in London and sat them around a table. Until that point, the girls had no idea about each other, so tensions were through the roof.

After Andrew proposed the idea that they worked for him as cam girls, three of the girls walked out. So he had the two girls that stayed moving with him in his London apartment. They began camming as a duo, and the men started pouring in.

While they successfully attracted attention, they weren’t saying the right things to keep the men around. They’d get on a cam show with an old man who’d ask, “So, what do you look for in a guy?” And they’d say, “Oh, you know, someone that’s young and rich with a good body.

Andrew had a much better sense of what the men really wanted to hear, so he came up with a plan.

How did Andrew Tate Make His Money
How did Andrew Tate Make His Money?

So what I did is I unplugged their keyboards and plugged a new one in for me behind the screen. So the chicks would sit there and hit a keyboard that wasn’t plugged in, and me and my brother would do all the talking. The girls were just pure just for moochers.

He would scam the men by telling them lies about the girls’ lives, like medical emergencies, dying parents, evictions – you name it. Whatever it took to get them to pay the girls more. He’d string them along for weeks or even months without the girls ever meeting them. When the men got impatient, he’d have the girls agree to meet up but demand money for the flight, accommodation, or even getting a visa – all with no intention of actually following through.

After a while, the girls picked up on Andrew’s tactics and began doing it themselves. At this stage, he was making three or four grand in a single day, so naturally, Andrew decided to bring in more girls. The main criteria in his search were simple: he needed beautiful girls who weren’t business-minded enough to start their own venture and so would be loyal to him and his business.

Over the coming months, he grew his roster to a total of 75 girls, and he had four different premises they worked out of. This went on for a while, but Andrew eventually realized this was a big mistake.

75 women worked for me at the peak of it all, but that was a mistake. Because when you have a bunch of girls working for you like that, the only way you can motivate them is with money. When I started, the girls worked for me because they loved me. But when you get too big, you can’t have all these girls in love with you.

So they decided to cut down to eight girls in total – four with Andrew and four with Tristan. They moved into one house together and got to work. The lies they told just got bigger and bigger, but the men were desperate, so they kept coming back.

According to Andrew, this was when the business reached its peak with a turnover of around $600,000 per month.

Reality TV – Big Brother Andrew Tate

During these years in the webcam business, Andrew still wasn’t in the public eye. So while he was making more money than ever before, he hadn’t gained the notoriety and fame he desired. So in 2016, he applied to join the cast of Big Brother – a reality TV show that was very popular in the UK.

In the show, a group of contestants all live together in a house isolated from the outside world. They’re continuously monitored by live cameras, and they have microphones attached to them at all times. Throughout the course of the show, contestants are evicted from the house based on public votes, and the last remaining housemate wins a cash prize.

Andrew Tate The Reality TV Controversy

Andrew Tate, a former contestant on a reality TV show, made headlines when he was kicked off the show after a video surfaced of him allegedly beating a woman with a belt. Tate claimed that the video was edited to make it look worse than it was and that the actions were consensual. Despite the controversy, the incident brought attention to Tate and his social media following started to grow.

Andrew Tate Investing in Cryptocurrency

Andrew and his brother decided to invest the money they made from their cam business into cryptocurrency. Initially, it was just for convenience, but the move turned out to be very lucrative for them as the value of Bitcoin doubled their net worth.

Andrew Launching a YouTube channel

In 2018, Andrew launched his YouTube channel, Tate Speech. While the topics he spoke about were random and not particularly interesting, his unfiltered comments and strong opinions kept viewers engaged.

Building a Public Profile

With the money he earned from his cam business and cryptocurrency investments, Andrew started a YouTube channel to build his public profile. His goal was to drive viewers to his website and sell various courses he had on offer, such as a fitness program, a course on how to get women, and a course on body language.


The War Room

Andrew’s first big move in creating a community around his brand was the launch of the War Room. It is a member’s member-only club that connects like-minded individuals from around the world. Membership was initially priced at £447, but with his surge in popularity, he raised the price to £4147. The club offers access to a network that promises to help members become free from the control of governments and the law.

Hustlers University

Andrew’s most successful venture to date has been the launch of Hustlers University, a program that teaches students about modern wealth creation methods. The updated version of the program, Hustlers University 2.0, offers 18 moneymaking methods and operates on a subscription model costing £50 per month. The program also includes an affiliate marketing scheme, where affiliates earn a 10% split of revenue for new signups they bring in.

Podcast Appearances and Social Media Strategy

Andrew’s popularity skyrocketed when he started appearing on podcasts such as Fresh and Fit and Your Mom’s House. Clips of his appearances started circulating on TikTok and YouTube shorts, with hundreds of accounts reposting his content. This strategy helped Andrew gain exposure and drive more signups to his Hustlers University program.

The Succes of Andrew Tate

Andrew Tate’s controversial past on reality TV and his entrepreneurial ventures have propelled him to success. From investing in cryptocurrency to building a strong online presence, Tate has managed to create a profitable business empire. Whether you love him or hate him, there’s no denying that Andrew Tate knows how to entertain and capture an audience.


Did Andrew Tate appear on reality TV?
Yes, Andrew Tate applied to join the cast of Big Brother, a reality TV show, in 2016 to gain more fame and notoriety.

How much money does Andrew earn from Hustlers University monthly?
Andrew earns a staggering $5 million monthly from the Hustlers University program alone.

Which podcasts has Andrew appeared on?
Andrew has appeared on podcasts such as the Fellas Podcast, BFF’s Podcast, and Full Send Podcast.

How has Andrew’s social media following grown?
In just three months, Andrew has gained over 3 million followers on Instagram, bringing his total close to 4 million followers.

What has Andrew achieved through his cam business, online courses, and social media?
Andrew has achieved fame, riches, and more through his cam business, online courses, and social media activity.

What controversy surrounded Andrew Tate?
Andrew Tate faced controversy after a video surfaced of him allegedly beating a woman with a belt during his time on a reality TV show.

What did Andrew and his brother invest in?
Andrew and his brother invested the money they made from their cam business into cryptocurrency.

How did Andrew’s investment in cryptocurrency turn out?
The investment in cryptocurrency turned out to be very lucrative for Andrew and his brother as the value of Bitcoin doubled their net worth.

Who is Andrew Tate?
Andrew Tate is a controversial figure who has gained fame and notoriety through his presence on social media platforms like TikTok and YouTube.

How did Andrew Tate become famous?
Andrew Tate became famous by following a formula of establishing himself in a craft, flaunting his wealth and lifestyle, and saying controversial things on camera to gain intrigue and attention from his audience.

What are the accusations against Andrew Tate?
There are allegations of Andrew Tate assaulting women, scamming innocent men, and running a pyramid scheme called “Hustlers University.”

How did Andrew Tate achieve success in kickboxing?
Andrew Tate achieved success in kickboxing through natural talent, training, and hard work. He became a four-time world champion with an impressive record.

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