10 Best Altcoins To Buy Now (May 2024 Updated List)

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10 Best Altcoins To Buy Now (May 2024 Updated List)

The crypto market has experienced a remarkable surge since the beginning of the year, and investors are already aggressively looking for the next cryptocurrency with the potential for big growth in May 2024 and beyond. 

Besides Bitcoin, numerous cryptocurrency markets are still in uncertain positions, and many crypto traders and investors are curious about which is best to invest in. Those are known as altcoins, which refer to any cryptocurrency asset that isn’t Bitcoin. 

So, on this page, we have compiled a compelling list of the best altcoins that have the potential to be the best cryptocurrencies to invest in now. 

Best Altcoins to Buy in May 2024 – Top 10 List

In the ever-evolving landscape of cryptocurrency, here are the top 10 altcoins worth considering for investment opportunities in May 2024.

  1. Dogeverse – A multi-chain Solana-based meme coin

  2. Sealana – New no-utility altcoin with a seal-themed mascot

  3. WienerAI – World’s most powerful crypto trading bot

  4. Mega Dice – Utility token of a top casino, offering exclusive benefits to early movers

  5. 99Bitcoins – A learn-to-earn token with huge upside potential 

  6. 5th Scape – World’s first AR and VR ecosystem 

  7. Smog – Solana-based airdrop token 

  8. eTukTuk – An eco-friendly AI altcoin

  9. Slothana – Top meme coin with a vibrant community

  10. Saga – A top-notch Web3 platform for developers

Best Altcoins To Buy – Full Review 

Let us take a cursory look at all the projects to get a better idea of why they made the quick list.

Dogeverse – A Multi-Chain Solana-Based Meme Coin

The first altcoin on our list is Dogeverse, which is the world’s first traveling doge. Within a few weeks of launching its presale, it surpassed its $15 million target, thanks to its multichain attributes. 

Dogeverse is the first Doge Meme token built on a multichain network spanning Ethereum, BNB Chain, Polygon, Solana, Avalanche, and Base, with Cosmo the Doge bringing $DOGEVERSE to all the biggest blockchains. 

Presently, Dogeverse is in the final lap of its multi-stage presale event, meaning investors still have one more last chance to buy the token at a discounted rate before it sees its first exchange listing.

The Dogeverse coin can be purchased in exchange for ETH, BNB, USDT, MATIC, AVAX, or straight with your bank card. Once the presale is over, you will be able to collect your $DOGEVERSE tokens using the same wallet and chain you used to purchase. 

Participants in the presale can also stake their DOGEVERSE tokens to earn passive rewards. Not less than 10% of its total supply has been allocated as staking rewards to token holders for their contributions to stabilizing the ecosystem. 

Top analysts like Jacob Bury say Dogeverse’s unparalleled flexibility fueled by its presence on multiple chains alongside its attractive structure, makes it a strong contender in the meme coin landscape. 

Cosmo, which is the dog that the Dogeverse token is centered around, has now developed a means to share his chain-traveling skill, allowing $DOGEVERSE holders to freely explore the best cryptocurrency chains. The $DOGEVERSE token will be available on Ethereum, BNB Chain, Polygon, Solana, Avalanche, and Base.

For more information, follow Dogeverse on X

Buy Dogeverse

Sealana – Solana Meme Coin With A Seal-Themed Mascot

Sealana is another altcoin that has taken the crypto world by storm this year. This new Solana meme coin is aiming to replicate the successes of other no-utility tokens that have gained market traction. 

What sets Sealana apart is its seal-themed mascot which combines the fundamentals of humor and culture to narrate the story of a character who is obsessed with finding the next big thing in the Solana landscape. 

Sealana’s interesting lore and presence on a network that’s renowned for its low cost, scalability and accessibility, have impacted the success of its ongoing presale. Despite launching some weeks ago, the meme coin sensation has raised close to $1.9 million from early movers. 

As such, it is no surprising that its presale has made the headlines of leading publications, including Finbold, Bitcoinist, and Cointelegraph. Just recently, a popular YouTube channel, 99Bitcoins analyzed the potential of the project, describing it as one project that will make big waves in the market. 


You can either purchase SEAL by using the presale widget on the site or send SOL to a designated wallet address. If you send 1 SOL to the wallet right now, you will receive 7637 SEAL. 

Apart from SOL, you can also buy SEAL with USDT, USDC, ETH and bank cards. Upon the conclusion of the presale, the purchased SEAL tokens will be transferred directly to your wallet. 

While it has no known use case and tokenomics, Sealana still has what it takes to outperform even mainstream tokens. Therefore, it might be an appealing altcoin investment to high-risk investors. Follow Sealana on X.

Buy Sealana

WienerAI – World’s Most Powerful Crypto Trading Bot

WienerAI comes next on our list of the top altcoins to buy in May. With its intriguing blend of AI, canine and sausage, WienerAI has distinguished itself from other meme coins that have graced the market this year. 

The major aspect of WienerAI that has contributed to its investment appeal is its trading bot utility. Describing itself as the universe’s most powerful AI trading bot, WienerAI presents itself as a must-have tool for every trader who wants to excel in the market. 

From providing real-time market analysis to seamless token swaps and trading recommendations, WienerAI’s trading bot is a reflection of its goal to build a world where AI is not just a tool but also a companion. One interesting thing about this powerful technology is that it will be offered for free.

That said, holders of WienerAI’s native token, WAI will enjoy early access to all the features of this trading bot. In addition to this, the platform is also offering a staking feature that incentivizes investors for holding the token for a long period of time. 

These attractive attributes coupled with its well-capped tokenomics and fantastic roadmap have lured many investors to its ongoing presale. With its multi-stage structure, the presale presents more than enough opportunity for everyone who wants to strengthen their financial future with WienerAI

At press time, WAI has raised upwards of $2.3 million in early investments. Prominent YouTuber, CryptoZeus is convinced that WienerAI has all the qualities that could make it a standout cryptocurrency this year. 


WAI is currently available for as low as $0.000709. However, considering the structure of its presale, it is expected that its price will increase as soon as it enters the next round. Therefore, to avoid paying more to early exposure to this high-potential project, it is recommended that you join the presale right now. 

Follow WienerAI on X.

Buy WienerAI

Mega Dice – Utility Token Of A Top Casino, Offering Exclusive Benefits To Early Movers

DICE is a brand-new cryptocurrency that has been making a significant mark since launching on presale. Being the utility token of a leading online crypto casino Mega Dice, DICE promises massive rewards for early movers. 

Prior to the launch of this token, Mega Dice has already classified itself as an ideal location for casino and sports betting enthusiasts to wager their crypto assets. From over 5,000 game titles covering high-RTP slots, table games, and live dealer options to a vast sportsbook offering thousands of betting options, Mega Dice caters to diverse tastes and preferences. 

Contributing to its appeal is its presence on Telegram, making it possible for everyone across the globe to enjoy all its gambling possibilities without undergoing any rigorous registration process.

When it comes to security and regulatory compliance, Mega Dice ticks all the right boxes. It holds the regulatory license of the Curacao gaming authority. It has also deployed the latest and industry-standard technologies to ensure that gamblers feel safe while wagering on their favorite game.

Meanwhile, DICE will serve as the primary token of the casino. Gamblers will be able to use the token to place bets and purchase in-game items. Mega Dice is also aiming to use the token to provide early birds with exclusive rewards and benefits within the ecosystem. 

For investors scouting for the next big thing in the GambleFi landscape, DICE presents itself as a major contender. With its multiple use cases and growing player base of Mega Dice, famous crypto trader and analyst, TodayTrader is convinced that DICE will become a top performer this year.


Like WienerAI, DICE is also available on presale right now, selling for a fraction of a cent. As of the time of writing, close to 17,000 tokens have been sold out, showcasing investors’ confidence in the project’s future. 

Follow Mega Dice on X.

Buy Mega Dice

99Bitcoins – A Learn-to-Earn Token with Huge Upside Potential

Coming up next on our list is 99Bitcoins, which is a comprehensive online learning resource in crypto. This is a learn-to-earn project designed to reward individuals for learning about cryptocurrency. 

99BTC leverages BRC-20 to create a synchronous learn-to-earn platform that rewards its users just for learning crypto. To make learning interesting and fun, 99Bitcoin uses interactive tutorials, tests, and learning modules. 

So whether you’re a visual learner or you’re someone who prefers hands-on activities, this project is set to cater to all learning styles. The cool part of this is that as you progress through the curriculum and actively participate in the community, you’ll earn 99BTC tokens directly to your Ethereum wallet. 

If you have been looking for a way to break into the cryptocurrency space as a new trader, this should be your go-to altcoin to invest in. You can learn from like-minded individuals, share insights, and develop your crypto knowledge. 

Simply put, you can make some earnings while you learn about cryptocurrencies; this is certainly an interesting one, as you are practically killing two birds with one stone: earning while learning.

If you are also a trader who doesn’t have time to learn, you can also stake $99BTC tokens in the secure smart contract to earn passive rewards. You can also maximize your trading with expert crypto trading signals, giving you the edge in fast-moving markets. 

All in all, 99Bitcoins, according to popular YouTuber, Michael Wrubel, is certainly one of the best altcoins to invest in this May.


Its ongoing presale which commenced barely a few weeks ago, has already generated significant momentum, raising over $1.4 million as of press time. So, if you’re interested in joining this project, you can purchase $99BTC in exchange for USDT, ETH, or BNB or directly with a credit/debit card.

Follow 99Bitcoins on X.

Buy 99Bitcoins

5th Scape (5SCAPE) – The World’s First AR and VR Ecosystem 

5th Scape is the world’s first AR and VR ecosystem that helps connect the smartest minds. You can explore the VR world of games, movies, education, and devices with this altcoin as it is a VR crypto. 

One $5SCAPE is currently trading for $0.00327, and so far, the presale stage 5 has currently raised $6,010,014 out of its $6,250,000 target, which indicates the interest of traders and investors in this project. 

5SCAPE can be purchased with ETH, BNB, USDT, Matic, or with credit/debit cards. As a holder of $5CAPE, you are set to enjoy complimentary access to a curated selection of captivating VR content within the 5th Scape universe. You also gain exclusive and early access to cutting-edge VR content and community interaction. 

Moreover, you can obtain unique in-game benefits with 5SCAPE. The project offers a P2E mechanism where players are incentivized with 5SCAPE tokens, which can be traded upon listing. 

The project is based on the Ethereum network and features its native token, $5SCAPE, which will be used as the primary currency in all its games. Players will have to make use of $5SCAPE to access games and make in-game purchases, while game developers may acquire the token by participating in the project’s intended VR gaming marketplace.

According to Cryptonews’ YouTube channel, the unique value proposition attached to 5SCAPE enhances its market credibility and makes it one of the top cryptocurrencies that can potentially deliver 100x returns. 


Several highly anticipated virtual reality games, such as Cage Conquest, Epic Cricket Arena, Immersive Kickoff, Archery Master, and Thrust Hunter, are being developed by 5th Scape. The first game slated for release is Cage Conquest, which will let users engage in fully immersive virtual combat with UFC fighters in the ring.

In keeping with their goals, 5th Scape is also creating the “VR Ultra Headset,” a state-of-the-art gadget that will enable accurate motion tracking and high-resolution gameplay. This headset could transform a number of industries, including healthcare and education, in addition to being made for 5th Scape games.

Follow 5th Scape on X or subscribe to its YouTube channel

Buy 5th Scape

Smog – A Solana-Based Airdrop Token

Smog, according to analysts, is another must-have altcoin for May. The Smog (SMOG) meme coin is a dragon-themed token that aims to establish itself as the “Greatest Solana Airdrop of All Time,” which appears to be a significant deal and a project worth participating in. Users must acquire XP—which they can do by purchasing and staking SMOG tokens—to be eligible. 

Given that this token is a Dragon-based meme coin, there has been speculation that has so far encouraged investors and traders to purchase $SMOG tokens as the dragon symbolizes good fortune.

SMOG launched on Solana and has now quickly become one of the fastest-growing projects to grace the chain. Currently, the project is selling at a 10% discount, and you can now buy and stake $SMOG to earn prizes and qualify for the massive airdrop. 

It can be purchased using a credit/debit card or in exchange for ETH or USD. After that, all you have to do is stake them and wait for Airdrop Season 2, which is currently live in the quest community.

With 35% of the whole supply designated for the airdrop, users of the SMOG meme coin can earn airdrop points just by keeping the token. 

The purpose of this function is to promote social interaction and long-term token holding. Users can earn extra airdrop points by taking part in daily and weekly tasks on the Zealy campaign.

Smog’s dragon-themed imagery alongside its gaming, airdrop, and staking mechanics have contributed to its viral appeal. Top YouTuber Crypto Gains considered these multiple upsides while tipping Smog to become the next 100x crypto gem. 


To avoid missing out on the upcoming airdrop event, buy Smog today and complete the Zealy quests for bonus XP.

Follow Smog on X.

Buy Smog

eTukTuk (TUK) – An Eco-Friendly AI Altcoin

eTukTuk is another new altcoin with a promising future. Since arriving on presale, it has raised over $3.3 million, indicating rising investor interest in sustainable transportation solutions for developing nations.

One $TUK is currently trading for $0.0315, and you can purchase in exchange for ETH, BNB, and USDT or buy directly with your card. Once the presale ends, the date for the claim and launch of the $TUK token will be announced.

eTukTuk is an AI-driven, environmentally friendly transportation platform that hopes to transform transportation in underdeveloped countries and, eventually, the entire world. 

This project is creating the charging infrastructure of the future, driven by blockchain, and this presale is your opportunity to invest in a project that has the potential to alter the world. According to many crypto experts, this is one of the best altcoins to get this month, as it is set to smash records.

TUK coin promotes sustainable mobility by optimizing routes for less traffic and fuel use, which powers AI-driven cryptocurrency advancements. $TUK promotes green transportation through AI research, which aligns token presale activities with environmental objectives.

Switching to electric vehicles isn’t just good for the planet, it’s also great for your wallet!Save on fuel costs, benefit from tax incentives, and enjoy lower maintenance expenses.Drive smart, save more with #eTukTuk. 💸 pic.twitter.com/2fUFjNkBOX

— eTukTuk (@eTukTukio) May 15, 2024

Real-time green efforts are advanced by $TUK coins, which pioneer intelligent transportation solutions based on blockchain augmented by AI. Holders of TUK tokens will get rewards whenever the charging network is used, guaranteeing that long-term network members are compensated as the charging infrastructure grows. 

In addition, eTukTuk is utilizing blockchain and artificial intelligence (AI) technologies to enhance urban mobility. These technologies include intelligent transport systems and AI-driven route planning that lessens traffic jams. 

By sponsoring research on green transportation and encouraging community involvement, the TUK token promotes these technological developments and is consistent with environmental goals. 

Follow eTukTuk on X

Buy eTukTuk

Slothana (SLOTH) – Top Meme Coin With A Vibrant Community

Slothana, riding the momentum of the ongoing meme coin craze, emerges as an investment with promising short-term potential. It represents the transition from traditional jobs to crypto trading. 

The developers of this coin have set an ambitious target of $420 million for SLOTH – a figure that would put it in the top 15 biggest meme coins if achieved. Despite its zero utility for now, it has quickly built a strong community of active users, raising over $15 million in its recently completed presale. 

The buzz around this meme coin is undeniable as it has been outperforming some of its predecessors since making its debut on popular crypto exchanges like Bitrue, Poloniex and most recently HTX on May 20th. 

One key factor that has contributed to its uptrend is its token burning program. Recently, the team behind the project burned $3 million worth of SLOTH tokens, a development that has greatly impacted its price.

More so, Slothana’s partnership with reputable crypto poker site, CoinPoker to host an exhilarating #SLOTHSUNDAY tournament series made major headlines and boosted its performance on the price charts. 

🦥♥️♠️Exciting News for the $SLOTH Community 🦥♥️♠️ The guys over at @Coinpoker_OFF love Slothana so much that they’ve set up the #SLOTHSUNDAY no limit hold-em tournament, and they’re giving the entire $SLOTH community FREE Entry! With a guaranteed prize pool of $10,000, $25… pic.twitter.com/SrLb4yWWZE

— Slothana (@SlothanaCoin) May 14, 2024

At press time, SLOTH is up by 27% in the last seven days. If it sustains this momentum, Slothana might replicate the success of other Solana meme coins. 

Follow Slothana on X

Saga – A Top-Notch Web3 Platform for Developers

Saga is a complete Web3 platform made for developers. Visionaries may realize their Web3 aspirations with the help of Saga, which provides an Integrated Stack of superior tools and support. 

With Saga, a Layer-1 protocol, programmers may create parallelized, VM-agnostic, and compatible “Chainlets,” or dedicated chains, that give their apps endless horizontal scalability.

$SAGA provides visionaries with the top-notch resources and assistance they require to realize their Web3 aspirations. The project just introduced the power level to over 9000, a campaign that will provide token and NFT drops from more than 100 verified web3 projects to help $SAGA stakers level up during the year. 

One of the reasons you should consider investing in this altcoin is its excellent performance. Their parallelized appchain instances allow your apps to attain optimal performance and speed.

On your chains, you can use whatever token (or no token) you choose while enjoying commoditized blockspace. There’s no need to be concerned about other applications increasing your gas bill. Saga offers costless transactions with modest and predictable chain fees.

With Saga, getting dedicated blockspace is as easy as deploying a smart contract as it is fully automated. It is easy and fast, and users can freely and quickly transfer assets between ecosystems using our automatic interoperability and async composability.

Follow Saga on X

Conclusion – Best Altcoins to Buy Right Now

For those interested in cryptocurrency trading, altcoins can be an excellent way to make big profits. However, knowing which altcoins to invest in can be quite tricky. As such, in this fast-paced, ever-changing industry, staying current on trends and diversifying your assets will increase your chances of success. 

There is no shortage of coins or tokens to buy right now, and this month of May is a great time to position yourself properly to make gains shortly. Of course, not all altcoins are created equally, and hence, not all altcoins are anticipated to perform similarly. Hence, you need to choose wisely. 

Consequently, investors wishing to diversify their portfolios may want to consider buying these new altcoins now, as they have the potential to provide significant returns this month and throughout the year. By carefully examining the basic qualities, fundamentals, and growth prospects of these enterprises, investors can position themselves for possible profits.

The above list, which we have carefully selected, offers information on the top ten best altcoins to purchase right now. Our top pick is Dogeverse, a multichain meme coin with the potential to do well in the near future and potentially the entire year. 

Buy Dogeverse 

Disclaimer: This article is provided for informational purposes only. It is not offered or intended to be used as legal, tax, investment, financial, or other advice.

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