UNC Basketball  Ash Bull Dogs   Vs Lipscomb Bisons

UNC-Ash. rocked home court for 3 games, now road trip ready 

Nailed teamwork, bagging 24 more assists than rivals on Saturday for an easy win. 

UNC-Ash easily beat the Dragons 114-59 at home. 

Lipscomb had two wins against Alabama A&M, making it three in a row for their next game. 

Bisons crushed Bulldogs 106-81, marking Lipscomb's third win by over 24 points. 

Bulldogs level at 2-2 with the win, while Bisons climb to 3-2, keeping their winning streak alive. 

UNC-Ash. boasts a top-notch kicker, hitting a solid 51.4% of shots this season. 

Lipscomb's got a rough time in that area, hitting only 51.5% of their shots this season.

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