UCLA Basketball Team Scores Victory Over UConn

UCLA nailed the No. 2 spot, dominated from start to finish, and rocked UConn with a 78-67 win.

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UCLA (5-0) tackled Princeton, then aimed to finally beat UConn in the Caribbean, breaking a losing streak since '98.

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UConn trailed by 3 at halftime, owned the third quarter, and totally crushed it in the end.

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UCLA outplayed! UConn in shots, rebounds, and overall performance.

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Osborne nailed 6 triples and scored 18 against UConn, following her 7 threes in the last matchup.

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Kiki Rice scored big with 24 points, and Lauren Betts added 13 points with seven rebounds for UCLA.

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Bruins dominated, led by 23 on Kiki Rice's shot at 2:20 in the third. UConn's offense fell apart.

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Huskies fought back hard in the fourth but fell short, trailing by 10. UCLA held on for the win.

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