Top 8 Indian Robotics Startups of 2024

Addverb Technologies  

The company automates warehouse tasks: picking, sorting, and storing products.

Image Credit: HR Katha

Genrobotic Innovations Robotics  

Their Bandicoot robot tackles manual scavenging mess. 

Image Credit: The Daily Guardian

Ati Motors  

They make self-driving bots for moving stuff in warehouses. 

Image Credit: DBusiness Magazine

Svaya Robotics  

Makes team-friendly cobots for smoother work.

Image Credit: Deccan Chronicle

Niqo Robotics  

Focuses on Creating small bots for accurate plant pesticide application. 

Image Credit: Pinterest

Gridbot Technologies  

Created robots for industries, and built a successful robotics company sans VC funding.

Image Credit: Pinterest

Sastra Robotics  

They craft robot arms to test electronics. 

Image Credit: The Economic Times

Eyerov Technologies  

Focuses on marine robotics. Meet Iro Tuna: an underwater drone for checking dams and pipelines.

Image Credit: IDRB

Top 8 Indian Robotics Startups of 2024