– Large state economy – Low unemployment rate – No personal state income taxe – Surrounded by beautiful coastline and mountain range


– Second-most named lakes in the U.S. – Low unemployment rate – Low poverty level – Fourth best state to raise a family


– Top-ranked state in terms of economy – Lowest unemployment rate – Job growth rate of 3.7%

New Hampshire 

– Smallest state in the U.S. – Uniqueness and natural beauty of small town – Low crime rate – High air quality


– Ended the year with a surplus of $1.4 billion – Low unemployment rate (2.7%) – Perfect for job hunter


– Second most affordable state in U.S. – Low unemployment rate (1.9%) – High financial stability – Perfect for relaxing and raising a family


– Offers a mix of urban and rural lifestyle – Powerhouse economy – Low poverty level – Perfect for starting a family and growing old


– Lower housing cost – Low crime rate – Strong economy and education – Eighth best state for education in the country


– High population growth – One of the best health care and educational service – Highest college graduation attainment rate in the country


– No personal state income tax – Low unemployment rate – Strong economy – High education access and affordability