RNC sets strict rules for debate entry, outlining rigorous criteria for contenders. Meeting these standards is crucial for participation.

 Republican debate on December 6

Fourth GOP banter unfolds in Tuscaloosa's College of Alabama Surly Music Lobby. Set the stage: politics meet Southern charm.

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Four conservatives set for a minimal discussion stage, with heightened standards for qualification, reflecting a smaller yet competitive field.

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Ron DeSantis, eyeing Trump's turf, fiercely competes for second place in the race, overshadowing his potential showdown with Donald.

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Nikki Haley gains attention amid the focus on international strategy following the surprise Hamas attack on Israel.

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Biotech entrepreneur Vivek Ramaswamy lacks widespread support, grappling with comparisons to the ex-President and a recent shift in political alliances.

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Chris Christie, ex-NJ Governor, faces hurdles in his bid against Trump, struggling in national and Iowa polls, grappling with rivals.

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Ex-President Trump skips GOP event, opts for Florida fundraiser backing his cause, sidelining himself from the party's current race.

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Qualifying for the fourth discussion required 6% support in two national surveys or 6% in one national survey, plus two early-state surveys. RNC backed qualifying polls.

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