Salaar Trailer Review: 57 Million Cross in One Day, Prabhas Directed by Prashanth Neel

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Salaar Trailer Review: 57 Million Cross in One Day

Salaar Trailer Review: When the actor of the highest-grossing film in India makes a picture with the director of the second-highest-grossing film, the expectations automatically skyrocket, one must make a cinema that will stand like no other for years to come. are. Teach directors to make films and the same was expected from the trailer of Salaar, which was released in 2023. It was considered the biggest film in the history of Indian cinema, but friend, after watching the trailer, I am feeling scared and that too a little. Not too much, not too much, but getting angry without control.

To say one thing honestly, ‘Radheshyam’, ‘Adi Purush’ Saha, no matter how these three films performed, I had so much faith in Salaar that this film could not have flopped even in my dreams. The collective incarnation of Prabhas, that too Prashant Neel. What happened in the fire butt trailer? Friends, we were waiting for Salaar thinking that it would be Prabhas’s film but after the trailer, it seems to be Prithviraj’s film. It is completely different and has given him a unique look like a film lead. There should be a hero in the film about whom one wants to know more and on the other hand, Prabhas looks so good.

How can there be a higher average?

Boss, I mean, how did this thing happen, so normal, so normal, at first glance, the movements he is doing in the movie do not match his looks, so are the scenes. I am feeling a bit strange, to be honest, the audience will be more impressed by this small child. In comparison to Prabhas, Prabhas should have completely dominated this trailer. Eyes were wide open upon his entry, the scale of Salar’s boss should have been even higher than this. The posters of the film were so spectacular that it seemed as if Prabhas was thirsty for blood.

Earlier today, he was being called the most violent man in the film ‘Nadiyaan Baha Denge’, but at the time of the trailer release, the makers of Salaar cheated everyone by using the word emotion, we want love, friendship, Love, but background. On the face of it, your film should be an action thriller like the dreams you show to the public. You are making a story-based cinema, it is good that it should be made, but Prabhas should be used to make the film big. Here, his screen presence in the trailer is fantastic.

Not only this, the scene with which the Salaar trailer ended should have included Prabhas’ entry and then gradually the level of the trailer should have increased. Why were so many dialogues used in the trailer of Salaar? I have not understood this thing yet, this is the most wrong thing, this mass cinema is made based on presentation, in which there is no other director who is a bigger champion than Prashant Neel, what will I teach him, then you will make the biggest film of your career. will build. Why are you talking so much in the trailer? Show it by taking action, even that which never happens.

Salaar Trailer Review: 57 Million Cross in One Day
Salaar Trailer Review: 57 Million Cross in One Day

Have you seen it and it doesn’t look strong even in Hindi dubbing? Something is missing even though Sharad Kelkar had made the film Baahubali a hit. Did anyone notice it doesn’t fit here? How important was the background music in both parts of the KGF film? He had taken the level up here in Salar’s trailer, beyond that no one even noticed. It felt as if watching a trailer without music, people were just talking, and nothing was happening behind them. Just a few days ago the first look of Kantara Chapter One was released. Whoever came and saw it, his mind was blown, he felt like watching it again and again, hey, look at the trailer of Animal, how hyped it is.

They have made that the film is going to get an opening of 100 crores, and it should be used as per the trailer of the film, Prashant Neel has already ended the promotion by saying that there is no relation between KGF and the trailer. Is. Has created more confusion. You have given everything to Prabhas, when the teaser of the movie came you called him a dinosaur but I am sorry it is not safe to live in the jungle with such looks, other animals will hunt it, and sorry to say this It seems that it is not inspired by KGF but is a repeat of KGF. Looks like the same cast is on the same set and why do you want to copy KGF?

If anyone remembers, the name of the film was ‘Kafar’. There was the same atmosphere as in KGF. The bastard has done the same. Prashant Neel clearly said in the interview that his film is completely different from KGF. Don’t have any expectations from this movie, why are you showing the same sets, theme, same visuals in the trailer of Boss and thinking about who will like the word of mouth, bring machine guns, etc? Look, there is just one thing that will become the excuse for the trailer of Salaar. The saving grace is that the film is going to be made in two parts, so Prabhas may not even get a chair in this part.

If Salaar also fails to work for Prabhas then Boss will break a lot of hearts inside the theater on 22nd December Honest Reaction Salaar’s trialer is average India’s biggest film has no traits in it but trust Neel Baba Fingers crossed for the film If you liked something in the rest of the blog or have any complaint then I will let you know.

Salaar Movie Trailer Featuring Prabhas Directed by Prashanth Neel was supposed to be the Next Chapter in KGF 3 Monster Universe but the trailer proved otherwise with shocking mediocre Content. Salaar’s Trailer Reaction and full Movie Expectations will be shared in this Blog.

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