New Memecoin Sensation Sees Presale Skyrocket, Drawing In BTC and ETH Investors


A new sensation among memecoins – Angry Pepe Fork – has soared past $120,000 in presale revenue and has drawn many investors, including those heavily invested in Ethereum and Bitcoin. This sharp rise emphasizes the ephemeral appeal of memecoins and a developing trend of seasoned cryptocurrency enthusiasts including these assets in their portfolios. Let us find out more.

Angry Pepe Fork: One Of The Top Meme Coins To Invest In

Despite only recently joining the presale market, Angry Pepe Fork (APORK) has garnered attention. Its amazing “Conquer to Earn” mechanism, an engagement-style earning model where the community collaborates to make APORK tokens surpass all other dull and stale memecoins, has been the main driver. Regarded as one of the top meme coins to invest in this month, Angry Pepe Fork guarantees platform security.

This platform demonstrates a strong commitment to user security through its robust smart contract audit. Furthermore, the usefulness of Angry Pepe Fork is thought to be a strong contender to overtake memecoins whose ecosystems are thought to be of little to no use. Interestingly, users on the Angry Pepe Fork ecosystem have the option to lock in their APORK tokens for 30, 60, or 90 days via a staking dApp.

Meanwhile, in the first phase of its presale, the Angry Pepe Fork token, APORK, is currently trading for $0.014, which is a small price for investors to contemplate for a medium-term investment. Another major potential growth factor for APORK is believed to be the strong bullish sentiment surrounding memecoins.

Regarding additional engagement and entertainment features, APORK has assured users on its roadmap that it will establish alliances with other platforms, advertisers, and influencers in addition to initiating steps toward multi-chain interoperability and exploration. Interestingly, if you are a fan of Angry Pepe Frog or if you missed out on the native Pepe coin, then APORK, which has already raised over $140,000 and heading toward $500,000 soon, will interest you.

Recent Bitcoin News Reveals Debt Issuance

Michael Saylor became interested in cryptocurrencies during the last bull market and has been a fan since 2020. Over time, he evolved from being a crypto critic to one of the largest proponents of Bitcoin maximalism. He even built up a sizable reserve of Bitcoin and linked the future of his business to it. As per recent Bitcoin news, a $700 million debt issuance was recently announced by MicroStrategy.

To use the proceeds to purchase Bitcoin, the company issues bonds with a range of maturities and interest rates. Saylor’s business makes money in this way so it can purchase more Bitcoin and profit from the transaction. Before the Bitcoin ETF was approved in January 2024, MSTR shares traded similarly to a Bitcoin ETF proxy. For their clients, BlackRock and other entities held shares of MicroStrategy valued at billions of dollars.

Ethereum ETFs Updates

In response to U.S. Senator Bill Hagerty’s question regarding the approval procedure for Ethereum ETFs, SEC Chair Gary Gensler stated during a budget hearing on June 13 that the approvals are anticipated to happen this summer. The SEC accepted eight companies’ 19b-4 filings on May 23. Nevertheless, these issuers still needed their S-1 filings approved before they could begin trading on US exchanges.

In a recent interview with Reuters, Gensler clarified that the approval procedure for spot Ethereum ETFs is contingent upon issuers’ prompt response to the SEC’s feedback. It’s possible that the September deadline instead of June was chosen to give issuers more time to get ready for trading. Although the Ethereum price saw a drop in June, holders anticipate that the Ethereum price will soon begin a significant rally.


The quick rise of Angry Pepe Fork in the meme coin market emphasizes how experienced investors—including those who are usually concentrated on mainstays like Bitcoin and Ethereum—are becoming more and more drawn to these niche assets. Meanwhile, APORK is quickly rising to the top, having raised over $120,000 in presale revenue and offering a promising “Conquer to Earn” mechanism.

Its strong smart contract audit, stake options, and strategic alliances highlight even more its possibility for large profits. You wouldn’t want to miss out on the presale of one of the top coins in the meme coin market while it is still available.

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