Memereum Sells Over 1M Tokens Within Hours on Presale While Markets Rebound


Monaco City, Monaco, June 21st, 2024, Chainwire

Memereum Achieves Significant Milestone

Memereum (MEME) sold over 1 million tokens within hours of its presale, reaching a total of over 24 million tokens sold in it’s current presale phase. The team views this rapid progress as an indication of strong market demand and confidence in Memereum.

Innovative Features of Memereum

Upon launch, Memereum will introduce MemeSwap, the first decentralized insured exchange. A beta version of MemeSwap is currently live and accessible on their website. This platform aims to provide a secure trading environment, leveraging decentralized insurance mechanisms to protect users’ investments. MemeSwap aspires to enhance security and user confidence in the crypto exchange market.

Staking Rewards Program

Memereum includes an automatic staking system with a 183% annual percentage yield (APY). This yield aims to attract participants by providing notable rewards, positioning Memereum as an option for those interested in exploring new opportunities in the crypto space.

Memereum Presale

With the current presale price set at $0.04 and the launch price anticipated by the team to be $0.45, Memereum offers an opportunity for early investors to enter at a low price with the potential for returns. The presale structure includes a strategic price increase every 72 hours, aiming to encourage early participation.

Market Presence

Already listed on three exchanges ( BitVenusToobit, and Azbit), Memereum is poised to make a significant impact in the cryptocurrency market. Memereum’s ability to sell over 1 million tokens within hours of its presale launch marks a significant achievement and highlights its potential in the cryptocurrency market. 


As the cryptocurrency market continues to recover, Memereum is strategically positioned to benefit from this momentum. The next few months are crucial as Memereum executes its plans and builds on its early achievements. With a dedicated team, robust community support, and a clear vision, Memereum aims to make a lasting impact in decentralized finance.

For more details and how to participate in Memereum’s ongoing presale, users can visit Memereum’s website.

About Memereum (MEME)

The strong interest in Memereum (MEME) can be attributed to its innovative approach in the blockchain sector and its growing community support. Memereum is the first blockchain insurance with an integrated DEX for supported token trading. Learn more about Memereum by clicking here.


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