How to Make Passive Income Selling AI Puzzles in 2024

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How to Make Passive Income Selling AI Puzzles in 2024

Make Passive Income Selling AI Puzzles – This puzzle book hit the market in the middle of the year, pulling in an estimated $3,500 per month. Another one released shortly after is making around $1,600 monthly. Even more astonishing is the book launched at the end of July, racking up daily sales and an estimated revenue of $2,800.

In today’s Blog, I’ll guide you on outpacing your competitors by starting a similar business but 10 times faster with the assistance of AI. We’ll cover everything from generating product ideas to crafting a professional-looking product. At the end of the blog, I’ll share a powerful trick to help you multiply your revenue.

While exploring Amazon’s bestselling products, I stumbled upon the new releases in word search games, and it’s incredible that these books, published less than a month ago, are already bringing in thousands of dollars. As you know, anyone can create and publish similar books using Amazon KDP, and that’s what I will teach you in today’s Blog.

Choosing a Theme for Your Book

To kick things off, you need to decide on a theme for your book. It could be about animals, travel, nature, and more. There are various ways to choose a niche for your puzzles, but I’ll share two of my favorite methods.

First, head to Chat GPT and ask it to create a list of niches for word search books. You’ll get broad niches, and you can narrow them down. Let’s say you like the transport and vehicles niche. Ask the chatbot to give you a list of topics related to transport and vehicles. Now you have sub-niches to explore like classic cars, electric vehicles, air travel, space travel, and more.

How to Make Passive Income Selling AI Puzzles in 2024
How to Make Passive Income Selling AI Puzzles in 2024

The second way is to use the best sales and new arrivals. These books are proven to work and make money. But of course, we don’t want to copy the idea directly. If you want to make a word search book about dogs, like the one shown here, you can easily come up with ideas using Chat GPT. Just ask Chat GPT to make a list of topics related to dogs, and then you can pick a subtopic to create your book, similar to what’s already successful.

How to Choose Products to Sell AI Puzzles

Now let me show you the product I chose to make. I did some research and found that books designed for adults are currently quite popular. This travel-themed book is doing really well, and it inspired me to create something similar. I started by checking out the listings to learn more about the product. After that, I used Chat GPT to create a list of 20 topics related to travel, based on which we’re going to create our book. My plan is to make two puzzles for each topic, giving us a total of 40 puzzles in the end. You can make more or fewer puzzles as you like. I’m just showing you an example.

Generating the Words for the Puzzles

Word search puzzles are made up of two main parts: the words you need to find and the puzzle itself. Let’s begin with generating the words. Just ask Chat GPT to create a list of words related to the first topic, which in my case is sea animals. To make it more interesting, I also ask for a fact about each topic so people can learn while they’re having fun. I requested 20 words since I plan to make two puzzles for each topic with 10 words in each. Then you simply keep generating words for the other topics. To keep everything organized, I suggest making a Google Sheet that lists the topics and the words.

Creating the Puzzles

Next, we’ll create the puzzles using a free website. You don’t need to worry about the title; it can be anything you choose. The number of rows and columns depends on how challenging you want your puzzles to be. I’m targeting adults, so I think 15×15 will work well. Then you input the words. After that, you pick the word directions, which also affects the puzzle difficulty. You can choose the colors; I like black for the text and light gray for the grid. For the solutions, I use black and gray as well. After filling everything in, click on “Generate Word Search” and then download the puzzle image and solution image. Repeat this process for all the top topics, and I recommend creating a folder for each topic to keep everything tidy and organized.

Creating the Inside of Your Book

After creating the puzzles, you can start making the inside of your book on Canva. First, figure out the book size. To do this, check other similar books on Amazon to see what size they are. For example, the book here is 8.5 by 11 in. Then go to Canva and make a custom design using these dimensions. Begin by uploading the first puzzle and putting it in the middle. You can add a new text with the search words, the topic name, the puzzle number, and even some pictures if you like. Click to duplicate the template, replace the image and text with a new puzzle, and do this for all the topics.

Now, for the solutions pages at the end of the book, add the solution image next to the puzzle number for each puzzle in your book. Once that’s done, download the templates as a PDF, print them, and move on to the next step: creating the cover.

Creating The Cover

You’ll need to write the dimensions for this too. Go to Google and search for “Amazon KDP cover calculator.” Open the first link and fill in the info. Calculate the dimensions, and then download the template. Head back to Canva and create a new design based on the dimensions from your downloaded template.

Before you start designing, upload the PNG file and put it into your template. Press Shift plus R on your keyboard, and you’ll see a ruler on the screen. Use the ruler to make guidelines based on the template to make sure your design fits perfectly. Then get creative and design your book cover. After you’re done, download the cover as a PDF, print it, and your word search puzzle book should be ready.

Publishing Your Book on Amazon

All that’s left is to publish it on Amazon. Now, as promised, here’s what I think could give your business a boost. You can publish your book in different Amazon marketplaces, and one idea is to translate your book into other languages to reach new audiences. This can also reduce competition. For instance, when you search for word search books, you’ll see over 20,000 results. But if you search for a Spanish word search book, it drops to just 1,000 results.

I found this listing for a Spanish word search book. It was published 4 months ago and now makes over $1,000 monthly. Similarly, this Italian version also brings in $1,200 monthly. Let’s say you want to translate your travel book into Italian. Do it section by section and ask Chat GPT to translate it. You’ll have the whole book translated in a few minutes. Then you can repeat the process to make new puzzles. After that, head to Canva and make the necessary changes to the template. Save it as a PDF, print it, and upload it to Amazon. By doing this, you can increase your chances of making more sales by reaching new people.

Thanks for Reading How to Make Passive Income Selling AI Puzzles in 2024, and best of luck! To see more Articles like this, If you have any questions ask me in a comment.


What is this passage about?
This passage is about starting a word search puzzle business using AI assistance.

How much revenue does the puzzle book mentioned in the passage make per month?
The puzzle book mentioned in the passage makes an estimated $3,500 per month.

When was the book launched that earns an estimated revenue of $2,800?
The book which earns an estimated revenue of $2,800 was launched at the end of July.

What will be covered in the video mentioned in the passage?
The video mentioned in the passage will guide viewers on outpacing competitors by starting a similar business, using AI to generate product ideas and create professional-looking products.

What are the main steps involved in creating a word search puzzle book?
The main steps involved in creating a word search puzzle book include choosing a theme, generating the words for the puzzles, creating the puzzles themselves, designing the inside of the book, creating the cover, and publishing the book on Amazon.

How can you reach new audiences and reduce competition for your word search book?
You can reach new audiences and reduce competition for your word search book by translating it into different languages and publishing it in different Amazon marketplaces.

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